Special anniversary

Yesterday was 12th of March, two days before White day.

…And what else?

Ta- Dah~!!

There are so romantic flowers! Who is this flower for? Can you guess? ^-^

dugudugudugudugudugu (Drum roll)

The answer is …






Rie san!!

Did you guess right? Can you imagine what day it is today?

Surprisingly, today is wedding anniversary of Yoshida couple! And the flowers are surprise gift from Yoshida san to Rie san. Congratulations!

I think these two make a really cute couple, isn’t it? I believe they will live happily ever after. I hope you two have great day!

When Yoshida san give Rie san the flowers, he also presented chocolates for White Day to Naho, Rie san and me! Thank you for the choco Yoshida san! I am very pleased 🙂