It is Spring! Spring always makes me thrilled. It feels like something great is about to begin. The scenery outside the window becomes colorful and bright. Walking around the street, I took pictures of plants. Green and fresh creatures welcome Spring.

Beautiful flowers catch my eyes and feet
I admire who grows plants

Do you think I can also take care of these pretty flowers? Honestly, I don’t think so. With a high possibility, they will droop…

I like purple. I think it is dreamy color.
Intensity in calmness

I enjoy watching these attractive plants, but there are also side effects. I am deceived by their colorfulness, and it makes me to wear light and bright clothes. Then what? I am so cold everyday… It is Spring, but it is still cold like Winter sometimes.

So, I will amend it. It is Sprwinter now!

Spring + Winter

Enjoy the spring, but please be careful not to catch a cold! 🙂