ramen day

Today is Monday and it is supposed to cheer up and put some effort, but unfortunately I don’t feel well today. I kept coughing and my voice became a little bit strange. But I don’t think it is cold because I don’t have any fever and nothings wrong except throat.

My soar throat make me to want to eat Ramen.. because of warm つゆ in there.

As I say think about Ramen, I recall the day of the Ramen festival. It was two weeks ago, but I can not forget the nice Ramen there! It was at the Sakae, and luckily the day I visited was the last day of the event.

Bought ticket to eat Ramen!
Even though it was cold weather,
a lot of people were waiting for the Ramen

I don’t know well, but I chose Ramen that said to win a competition. And it was not so different from what I expected. It was really nice Ramen!

Looks Yummy!
My friend and I left nothing..

This reminiscence make me more hungry, and increase eager for Ramen. I should eat Ramen tonight!

Exhibition of Shinkai Makoto

Hello Everyone! What did you do on your weekend?

I had a meaningful event on Saturday because I went to exhibition of Shinkai Makoto, director of the movie [your name]!. It is held in Takashimaya from 2/16 ~ 3/3. Here is information!


I have plan next week, so last Saturday was the last chance to visit there.

In front of the Exhibition

Definitely I love [your name] the most, but besides it there were other works of Shinkai Makoto. From his first work, I could watch the whole process of his movie developing gradually.

Sadly, taking picture inside was prohibited so I didn’t take any pictures. There were a lot of scenario and continuity(conti) of his works; ほしのこえ, 雲のむこう、約束の場所, 秒速5センチメートル, 星を追う子ども, 言の葉の庭 and 君の名は.

I was attracted to 言の葉の庭 in the exhibition. I didn’t know this movie until I visit here, so I thought it was really lucky to go to the exhibition! I watched it before I go to sleep that night.

I really like the afterglow of appreciation! The background was especially beautiful 🙂


I often go to Nagoya station, and always impressed by the beautiful illumanations.

Illumination around Nagoya station

On last Sunday, my best friend came from Korea then we went to more special place to see illumination, Nabananosato. We went to Nabananosato soon after having lunch, and waited until it becomes dark in Onsen.

It was incredibly wonderful Onsen

Five different types of Onsen made us happy!! We seriously doesn’t want to go outside the Onsen, so we almost miss the Illumination.

When we went outside, beautiful illumination spread beyond my eyes.

And this was the highlight of the illumination! The motive of the illumination was mountain Fuji.

The Illumination was a movie! I thought it might be
traditional story of Japan, but I am not sure.

Even the illumination was beautiful, my body was getting frozen. I am used to the weather of Nagoya so it was extremely cold! But my friend said Nagoya is very warm…^^. I really missed the Onsen.

So.. my point is, it is a little bit strange but,


Fresh up my mind

Even if it is Saturday, I went to grit office today to do some work.

I am editing a video nowadays, and it is difficult to work fully on the weekday because my computer doesn’t have enough ability to function some enormous program. So I decided to do some works on weekend, concentrating more than usually 🙂

There were some grit! Members who are hard at works in the peaceful office compared to weekdays. Everyone puts hard work, and that’s truly incredible.

After doing some works, I went to a cafe named 珈琲元年 中川本店.

I thought I should put more effort from now on because I counted the days left in grit!, and surprisingly, I have only about 97 days from today. Isn’t it scary? TIME IS FLYING, REALLY!!

I counted the dates like this!

I make myself a promise to do my best every minute!! 頑張ろう~

Story of ballet

Did I say I love ballet?

When I was young, I seriously enjoyed ballet and wanted to major in it. I sometimes imagine what if I become a ballet dancer.

Kang Su-jin, a famous ballet dancer in Korea.
She is dancing Juliet in the ‘Romeo and Juliet’
(Picture from Asiatoday website)

When I was in Korea, I did ballet as a hobby. And also in the Netherlands! There was some awesome classes for students. I really want to do it in Japan if I can.

I also like watching the ballet on youtube. It would be great if I can watch them in a real theater, but it is soooo expensive to me now. When I earn money, I hope I can watch it a lot 🙂

When I watch the performance, amazing dancers give me inspiration and it makes me happy.

I especially like classical ballet even though I think the story is kind of old-fashioned. Still the music and the dances are so strikingly beautiful and I have no choice but to fall into it.

Among the classical ballet, I introduce three masterpiece.

  1. Don Quixote
Scene from ‘Don Quixote’
(From the website bachtrack)

The first one is Don Quixote. It is very elastic and has bright vibe. The characters are pleasant and the story is based on the happy drama. Kitri and Basil’s love is the main of the story.

Natalia Osipova & Ivan Vasiliev’s Don Quixote variation

2. La Esmeralda

Scene from ‘La Esmeralda’
Picture from website Macedonian Opera and Ballet

You might think it is not friendly at all, but actually this performance is made based on the famous novel Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. Everyone will know Notre-Dame de Paris! Isn’t it?

Natalia Osipova at Bolshoi Ballet Academy
This is my favorite version of Esmeralda

3. Swan lake

Odette in Swan Lake at the Royal Ballet
Picture from the Royal Opera House (UK) website

This is also other famous work and you might heard of it. The story sometimes has happy ending or sad ending, which varies from theater to theater. One Prima ballerina both plays ‘Odette’ and ‘Odile’. I like Odile’s character more than Odette.

Natalia Osipova acting ‘Odile’ in Swan lake

I attached three videos of Natalia Osipova, one of my favorite Prima Ballerina. I hope you enjoy the video!