Power of voice

Have you ever heard of your own voice recorded? Well, I have. When I was a high school student, I had to record speaking English as a homework. That time my English pronunciation was not good. But when I checked the record file I didn’t thought “what’s wrong with my pronunciation?” but “what’s wrong with my voice?”

“what’s wrong with my voice?!”

Even Luciano Pavatotti, a famous Italian singer, grumbled when he sings at Teatro Colón because the theater spread his voice so accurately as it is. And reading an article, I could find out why I hated my voice. Today’s main theme is that, “Why DON’T we like our own voice?”

According to the article, there are two main reasons.

First is physical reason. My voice other people hear has higher tone than I feel. When the voice transmitted to cochlear, it goes through many parts of our body like jaw bones and muscles in mouth. It makes vibrations while transmitting and this makes us to feel our voice lower.

Vibration in our body makes feel our voice
to be more lower than it is.

Then when we hear our voice recorded, it feels higher than I expected and we feel awkward about it.

Next reason makes me more interested, psychological reason. According to an experiment, people could almost perfectly guess the traits (like age, emotions) of person only by hearing his/her voice. So when people hear their own voice, they can feel that they’re not confident or they are nervous then starts to hate their own voice.

We can guess a lot of information
about the owner of the voice only by hearing it

But the interesting things is, when they didn’t know that the heard voice is their own they evaluated the voice to be much more attractive. It means people are unhappy only when they noticed that “My voice is leaking (bad) information about me!”.

You can sense your emotions or lack of self-confidence, and you don’t like your voice
However if you hear your voice without realizing the voice is yours, it feels not that bad.

I realized maybe I was disappointed with my voice because I sensed nervousness or negative emotions in it. I thought I want to speak more powerfully and confident 🙂

Voice has more power than we thought. How about hearing your own recorded voice?