I went Hanami last time but it was dark because it was dinner. I wanted to go to Hanami again in the afternoon and my wish came true.

Aoi brought me to Gozyo river to see cherry blossoms. Thank you!

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom around Gozyo river, and it was such a beautiful sight. It was so pretty that I kept taking pictures even though it was similar scenery.

There were a lot of people!

What a Sakura party !!

And SoSo guy joined us along the way, and we watched, ate and take photos a lot! It was really nice to spend time with you!

a photo of three people!

They look happy isn`t it? 🙂

Thank you for joining me. It was a wonderful day!


Are you having nice weekend?

I heard the flower is blooming this weekend and tried to go to Hanami today. But everyone is busy and the weather was also not that good. Wind was too strong to go to Tsurumai park😂

So I just ate a lot today, going around restaurant and cafes. And I am recalling memories of Night Hanami on last Tuesday!

This picture is from Aoi 🙂
Same place but the picture is quite different by the mobile phone!

After grit! is over, I met Aoi at Kanayama station and other members at Tsurumai park. The sun went down, and a red lantern took its place. It was dinner, so everyone might be tired after their own schedule. So I was very thankful for everyone!! ☺️

Red world… A little bit scary

We had dinner after buying food in a supermarket near the park. But it was not enough. And there were a lot of food at the park like Okonomiyaki, takoyaki, Cheese hot dog, strawberry candy, choco banana and so on…. I felt it is a little bit like Osu shopping street.

In front of Takoyaki outdoor shop. It was so cute!
I wanted this more than Takoyaki..
And いか looked so delicious!
So what? I couldn’t help but eating it😂

It was dark and everyone could not see the flowers well, but it was nice to spend time with good friends! And it was just great to have something delicious. Still, I would like to take a picture of cherry blossoms in the daytime someday!😆

Thank you for everyone~

Special anniversary

Yesterday was 12th of March, two days before White day.

…And what else?

Ta- Dah~!!

There are so romantic flowers! Who is this flower for? Can you guess? ^-^

dugudugudugudugudugu (Drum roll)

The answer is …






Rie san!!

Did you guess right? Can you imagine what day it is today?

Surprisingly, today is wedding anniversary of Yoshida couple! And the flowers are surprise gift from Yoshida san to Rie san. Congratulations!

I think these two make a really cute couple, isn’t it? I believe they will live happily ever after. I hope you two have great day!

When Yoshida san give Rie san the flowers, he also presented chocolates for White Day to Naho, Rie san and me! Thank you for the choco Yoshida san! I am very pleased 🙂

Hokkaido food heaven

Yesterday, I went to Takashimaya to look around special events. The Hokkaido event was hold on the 10th floor of Takashimaya. I went there with Aoi who recommended it to me.

But we had work to do before going there.

Komeda’s coffee

In the Komeda’s coffee shop, we wrote brainstorming and made to-do-list in my left period in Japan. Because Aoi helped me a lot, I could think about the plans with more details and I was satisfied with the ideas we made. Thank you for the support 🙂

Finishing the brainstorming, we headed to Takashiyama to watch and try special products in Hokkaido.

….And there were more people than I could imagine. There were long lines everywhere and I couldn’t even walk well because of the crowd. Still, I enjoyed a lot watching and smelling the all kinds of food there. There were fish, Ramen, sushi, meat, chocolates, Ice-cream, cheese, and even corn & pumpkin soup. All kinds of food famous in Hokkaido gathered! So exciting!

I looooove fish!
Apple pie! look so yummy
It is pudding & cake. The ballon package makes it unique.
we tried cheese!

Besides cheese, we could try ramen, meat, salmon and soup! I am sorry that I couldn’t try the soft ice-cream because of the long waiting line. Everything made me so happy and I wished I could buy all of them. But I just cried with my empty wallet…

I bought one product, cheese omelet. I wanted to buy at least one thing in commemoration of this event and Aoi recommended it to me! I didn’t eat yet and it is in the refrigerator in home. I will say how was it after eating it~

Even if I haven’t go to Hokkaido in real yet, this event comforts me^-^