It is Spring! Spring always makes me thrilled. It feels like something great is about to begin. The scenery outside the window becomes colorful and bright. Walking around the street, I took pictures of plants. Green and fresh creatures welcome Spring.

Beautiful flowers catch my eyes and feet
I admire who grows plants

Do you think I can also take care of these pretty flowers? Honestly, I don’t think so. With a high possibility, they will droop…

I like purple. I think it is dreamy color.
Intensity in calmness

I enjoy watching these attractive plants, but there are also side effects. I am deceived by their colorfulness, and it makes me to wear light and bright clothes. Then what? I am so cold everyday… It is Spring, but it is still cold like Winter sometimes.

So, I will amend it. It is Sprwinter now!

Spring + Winter

Enjoy the spring, but please be careful not to catch a cold! 🙂

Mid term reporting

Hello Everyone!

You may not have noticed but on last Friday I left grit! early. It was about 14:00. I went Kanayama for the mid-term reporting with AIESEC members.

For this day, I made PPT

I was a little bit nervous before the presentation, so I bought Sakura flavor milk in the convenience store.

Sakura flavor milk from Starbucks

I drunk it before the statement to get the energy. Good luck to me!

Unlike I worried, every AIESEC member made me comfortable so I could start presentation in good mood.

I talked about myself, cultural difference between Korea & Japan and what I did in past three months. I also said mentioned briefly what I want to do on the left days. Everyone listened carefully what I said and I really appreciated it.

I thought my presentation is the only thing I would do, but there were some other activity. Surprisingly, everyone in the room came up with ideas to make scenario selling Takoyaki. It was really out of my expectation!

Everyone tried to make the scenario as if it is their own work. ^-^

In the past I had told Aoi, my TN manager, that I don’t know how to work on the commercial movie and it is difficult to do it on my own. Then every AIESEC member put effort to help me doing the mission. I was very moved! Thanks for all !! 🙂

Thank you for your efforts!!

After the seminar, I ate dinner at Kanayama station with some AIESEC members. We all felt hungry after the hard work.

Cha han and spicy tofu

I was sorry that everyone couldn’t have dinner with us. Let’s eat together next time~

I realized during the presentation that the time is flying faster than any other moment in my life, and should work and enjoy with every good people I met in Japan.

残りの期間もよろしくお願いします。 ありがとう!

Fresh up my mind

Even if it is Saturday, I went to grit office today to do some work.

I am editing a video nowadays, and it is difficult to work fully on the weekday because my computer doesn’t have enough ability to function some enormous program. So I decided to do some works on weekend, concentrating more than usually 🙂

There were some grit! Members who are hard at works in the peaceful office compared to weekdays. Everyone puts hard work, and that’s truly incredible.

After doing some works, I went to a cafe named 珈琲元年 中川本店.

I thought I should put more effort from now on because I counted the days left in grit!, and surprisingly, I have only about 97 days from today. Isn’t it scary? TIME IS FLYING, REALLY!!

I counted the dates like this!

I make myself a promise to do my best every minute!! 頑張ろう~