Story of ballet

Did I say I love ballet?

When I was young, I seriously enjoyed ballet and wanted to major in it. I sometimes imagine what if I become a ballet dancer.

Kang Su-jin, a famous ballet dancer in Korea.
She is dancing Juliet in the ‘Romeo and Juliet’
(Picture from Asiatoday website)

When I was in Korea, I did ballet as a hobby. And also in the Netherlands! There was some awesome classes for students. I really want to do it in Japan if I can.

I also like watching the ballet on youtube. It would be great if I can watch them in a real theater, but it is soooo expensive to me now. When I earn money, I hope I can watch it a lot 🙂

When I watch the performance, amazing dancers give me inspiration and it makes me happy.

I especially like classical ballet even though I think the story is kind of old-fashioned. Still the music and the dances are so strikingly beautiful and I have no choice but to fall into it.

Among the classical ballet, I introduce three masterpiece.

  1. Don Quixote
Scene from ‘Don Quixote’
(From the website bachtrack)

The first one is Don Quixote. It is very elastic and has bright vibe. The characters are pleasant and the story is based on the happy drama. Kitri and Basil’s love is the main of the story.

Natalia Osipova & Ivan Vasiliev’s Don Quixote variation

2. La Esmeralda

Scene from ‘La Esmeralda’
Picture from website Macedonian Opera and Ballet

You might think it is not friendly at all, but actually this performance is made based on the famous novel Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. Everyone will know Notre-Dame de Paris! Isn’t it?

Natalia Osipova at Bolshoi Ballet Academy
This is my favorite version of Esmeralda

3. Swan lake

Odette in Swan Lake at the Royal Ballet
Picture from the Royal Opera House (UK) website

This is also other famous work and you might heard of it. The story sometimes has happy ending or sad ending, which varies from theater to theater. One Prima ballerina both plays ‘Odette’ and ‘Odile’. I like Odile’s character more than Odette.

Natalia Osipova acting ‘Odile’ in Swan lake

I attached three videos of Natalia Osipova, one of my favorite Prima Ballerina. I hope you enjoy the video!

Village of 君の名は, Hida Furukawa

Hello~ みんな お久しぶりです。
I wasn’t in Grit! from last Tuesday to Friday, so some of you might wonder where I am.

One of my best friends in Korea came to Nagoya and we decided to travel Takayama together. I lost money, and gain weight. But I would definitely say, it was worth it.

My friend was coming to Nagoya on Monday night, so I went Nagoya station after the work in Grit!. And it was on Tuesday that we start journey to Takayama.


Can you guess a first thing we did in Takayama?

It was best sushi I have ever had!

飛騨牛sushi melted in my mouth and it made me happy immediately. We promised to eat 飛騨牛sushi again later, and we actually ate again ^^

Both of us are huge fan of “君の名は” and it made us to go to Hida Furukawa, the background of the movie.

When we arrived at Hida Furukawa, 飛騨牛cow welcomed us at the station!

飛騨牛 in 君の名は
飛騨牛 in the station

In lunch time we headed to a restaurant where also showed up in the movie.

五平餅 in the movie
We ate 五平餅 like them
we also ordered Ramen.
Notes that a lot of visitors wrote.
I left the note on the guest book!

Next destination was Sakura物産館 , where you can experience thread craft like Mitsuha did in the movie. I didn’t make it but I bought red bracelet as souvenir in the shop. It was so expensive…

Can you see the thread hanging on the wood?
My friend asked whether it is real くちかみざけ,
and it was not..

Walking along the street, we found the railway in the movie.

Railway in the movie
Railroad with snow

It looks a little bit different because of the snow but still, it is quite similar.

And the last destination was 氣多若宮神社.

Can you see the similarity?

There were no people in the shrine. It was very quiet and peaceful. Just walking along the street was a great pleasure to me.

In the 氣多若宮神社
going back to the station.

As a huge fan of 君の名は, visiting Hida Furukawa was very meaningful and it reminded me of beautiful scene in the movie again.

I hope I can go to other background of 君の名は someday. Maybe Lake Suwa? 🙂

I love birds

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?
Do you remember that I have birds in my home?

I LOVE birds because I like watching them flying. I feel they are like mixture of dogs and cats. Some days they come to me “Let’s play!!”, but sometimes they ignore me even if I call them.

Can you see TWO birds? 😀

When I was heard there are Owl Cafe in Japan, I thought “I NEED TO GO THERE!” immediately. There are some parrot cafes in Korea, but not an owl because owls are protected species. If someone make Owl cafe in Korea, it’s illegal so he probably will be arrested by the police.

Anyway, my dream came true faster than I thought. When Yoshida san go to Tokyo for his business, I followed him and luckily get a chance to go to owl cafe!

Soooooo cute!!

It was not just an owl-only cafe, but also a variety of parrots. Am I in heaven..?

There were also cockatoo parrots I love! When I became independent and live by myself, I will definitely live with cockatoo.

They are cockatoo parrots. I love their yellow color.
I am seducing them to come to me.

I tried to hug them but they ran away from me and flew up to the high place. I lured them with the parrot food but sadly they never came to me.

I gave up the cockatoo and hanged out with little parrots. They flew up to my head and were drowsing on my arm.

After I spend time with the parrots I went to another room to watch owl. It was my first time I saw the owl so closely.

They are 仲良し~
Their hair was unexpectedly soft

I could touch the owls but unlike the parrots, the owls were being tied up so they couldn’t move freely. I felt sorry for their feet being tied up. I wanted to bring them to home and I thought about two big dogs in Yoshida san’s house. Can the dogs and birds live together? If not, the birds might be in danger!

I am fascinated to the birds more deeply. If you like birds, Welcome! let’s watch birds together someday!