The Hunchback of Notre Dame

” Life is not a spectator sport. If watching is all you’re gonna do, then you’re gonna watch your life go by without you. “

It is one of the best quotes from Disney version of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. I watched this movie when I was a child. I remember that I was fearful by the atmosphere of the story and songs at that time. You can watch the introduction of the movie clicking the attached link.

And I had great chance to watch this masterpiece again with different version, the musical version of 劇団四季.

I watched afternoon performance, at 13:00
And the theatre was big and wonderful!

I was captivated by the theater and stage. It was so fancy 🙂 I heard the theater was built by Shiki and it is a private one only performing works of Shiki. It is quite rare case.

And there were adorable products for the audience! I wanted the key rings and CD, but it was costly for me.

And I wish I could take pictures a lot. But as you know, it is forbidden to take picture of a stage or performance. so I couldn’t.

Although Japanese was difficult for me to understand, I could roughly get it because I already knew the story and the direction was excellent. And the songs were really familiar because the musical used the music of Disney movies! If you watch it, you will be surprised by the grandeur of the songs.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
Disney movie
The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Still, some scenes were different from the Disney version. So I thought it would be great to compare Disney version with musical of 劇団四季.

It was unforgettable Sunday. I could enjoy musicals I love and finally I could achieve my dream of watching a performance in Japan! And thanks for Aoi who joined me watching the musical and reserved tickets for me!


It is Spring! Spring always makes me thrilled. It feels like something great is about to begin. The scenery outside the window becomes colorful and bright. Walking around the street, I took pictures of plants. Green and fresh creatures welcome Spring.

Beautiful flowers catch my eyes and feet
I admire who grows plants

Do you think I can also take care of these pretty flowers? Honestly, I don’t think so. With a high possibility, they will droop…

I like purple. I think it is dreamy color.
Intensity in calmness

I enjoy watching these attractive plants, but there are also side effects. I am deceived by their colorfulness, and it makes me to wear light and bright clothes. Then what? I am so cold everyday… It is Spring, but it is still cold like Winter sometimes.

So, I will amend it. It is Sprwinter now!

Spring + Winter

Enjoy the spring, but please be careful not to catch a cold! 🙂

I will miss you

It is Sunday night.

And I am recalling back Friday, the last day of many other interns. I was so happy to have dinner with them on that day!

Spicy Tsukemen

I could have dinner with Nozomi, 輩先(Kotaro) and Morimori near Kanayama station. Come to think of it, I couldn’t even take a picture for all of us because I was so absorbed in eating. Very 残念. Everyone concentrated on having Tsukemen😂.

I am also sorry that Yuri and Yokozeki couldn’t join us!

Yuri chan gave it to me😊 so cute!

Yuri remembered that I have said “かわいい!” to the Bread Pouch, and she gave it to me as a present. How sweet she is🥰

I wish we could spend more time together! Even though their internship in grit! is over, I hope we can hang out when we have time. I also wish I could be a friend who can ask “how are you??”sometimes.

I am so happy that they start their new career. It definitely would be not easy, but I believe they can get through well all of it.

Good luck, Everybody!

Power of voice

Have you ever heard of your own voice recorded? Well, I have. When I was a high school student, I had to record speaking English as a homework. That time my English pronunciation was not good. But when I checked the record file I didn’t thought “what’s wrong with my pronunciation?” but “what’s wrong with my voice?”

“what’s wrong with my voice?!”

Even Luciano Pavatotti, a famous Italian singer, grumbled when he sings at Teatro Colón because the theater spread his voice so accurately as it is. And reading an article, I could find out why I hated my voice. Today’s main theme is that, “Why DON’T we like our own voice?”

According to the article, there are two main reasons.

First is physical reason. My voice other people hear has higher tone than I feel. When the voice transmitted to cochlear, it goes through many parts of our body like jaw bones and muscles in mouth. It makes vibrations while transmitting and this makes us to feel our voice lower.

Vibration in our body makes feel our voice
to be more lower than it is.

Then when we hear our voice recorded, it feels higher than I expected and we feel awkward about it.

Next reason makes me more interested, psychological reason. According to an experiment, people could almost perfectly guess the traits (like age, emotions) of person only by hearing his/her voice. So when people hear their own voice, they can feel that they’re not confident or they are nervous then starts to hate their own voice.

We can guess a lot of information
about the owner of the voice only by hearing it

But the interesting things is, when they didn’t know that the heard voice is their own they evaluated the voice to be much more attractive. It means people are unhappy only when they noticed that “My voice is leaking (bad) information about me!”.

You can sense your emotions or lack of self-confidence, and you don’t like your voice
However if you hear your voice without realizing the voice is yours, it feels not that bad.

I realized maybe I was disappointed with my voice because I sensed nervousness or negative emotions in it. I thought I want to speak more powerfully and confident 🙂

Voice has more power than we thought. How about hearing your own recorded voice?

Special anniversary

Yesterday was 12th of March, two days before White day.

…And what else?

Ta- Dah~!!

There are so romantic flowers! Who is this flower for? Can you guess? ^-^

dugudugudugudugudugu (Drum roll)

The answer is …






Rie san!!

Did you guess right? Can you imagine what day it is today?

Surprisingly, today is wedding anniversary of Yoshida couple! And the flowers are surprise gift from Yoshida san to Rie san. Congratulations!

I think these two make a really cute couple, isn’t it? I believe they will live happily ever after. I hope you two have great day!

When Yoshida san give Rie san the flowers, he also presented chocolates for White Day to Naho, Rie san and me! Thank you for the choco Yoshida san! I am very pleased 🙂

Hokkaido food heaven

Yesterday, I went to Takashimaya to look around special events. The Hokkaido event was hold on the 10th floor of Takashimaya. I went there with Aoi who recommended it to me.

But we had work to do before going there.

Komeda’s coffee

In the Komeda’s coffee shop, we wrote brainstorming and made to-do-list in my left period in Japan. Because Aoi helped me a lot, I could think about the plans with more details and I was satisfied with the ideas we made. Thank you for the support 🙂

Finishing the brainstorming, we headed to Takashiyama to watch and try special products in Hokkaido.

….And there were more people than I could imagine. There were long lines everywhere and I couldn’t even walk well because of the crowd. Still, I enjoyed a lot watching and smelling the all kinds of food there. There were fish, Ramen, sushi, meat, chocolates, Ice-cream, cheese, and even corn & pumpkin soup. All kinds of food famous in Hokkaido gathered! So exciting!

I looooove fish!
Apple pie! look so yummy
It is pudding & cake. The ballon package makes it unique.
we tried cheese!

Besides cheese, we could try ramen, meat, salmon and soup! I am sorry that I couldn’t try the soft ice-cream because of the long waiting line. Everything made me so happy and I wished I could buy all of them. But I just cried with my empty wallet…

I bought one product, cheese omelet. I wanted to buy at least one thing in commemoration of this event and Aoi recommended it to me! I didn’t eat yet and it is in the refrigerator in home. I will say how was it after eating it~

Even if I haven’t go to Hokkaido in real yet, this event comforts me^-^

Mid term reporting

Hello Everyone!

You may not have noticed but on last Friday I left grit! early. It was about 14:00. I went Kanayama for the mid-term reporting with AIESEC members.

For this day, I made PPT

I was a little bit nervous before the presentation, so I bought Sakura flavor milk in the convenience store.

Sakura flavor milk from Starbucks

I drunk it before the statement to get the energy. Good luck to me!

Unlike I worried, every AIESEC member made me comfortable so I could start presentation in good mood.

I talked about myself, cultural difference between Korea & Japan and what I did in past three months. I also said mentioned briefly what I want to do on the left days. Everyone listened carefully what I said and I really appreciated it.

I thought my presentation is the only thing I would do, but there were some other activity. Surprisingly, everyone in the room came up with ideas to make scenario selling Takoyaki. It was really out of my expectation!

Everyone tried to make the scenario as if it is their own work. ^-^

In the past I had told Aoi, my TN manager, that I don’t know how to work on the commercial movie and it is difficult to do it on my own. Then every AIESEC member put effort to help me doing the mission. I was very moved! Thanks for all !! 🙂

Thank you for your efforts!!

After the seminar, I ate dinner at Kanayama station with some AIESEC members. We all felt hungry after the hard work.

Cha han and spicy tofu

I was sorry that everyone couldn’t have dinner with us. Let’s eat together next time~

I realized during the presentation that the time is flying faster than any other moment in my life, and should work and enjoy with every good people I met in Japan.

残りの期間もよろしくお願いします。 ありがとう!

ramen day

Today is Monday and it is supposed to cheer up and put some effort, but unfortunately I don’t feel well today. I kept coughing and my voice became a little bit strange. But I don’t think it is cold because I don’t have any fever and nothings wrong except throat.

My soar throat make me to want to eat Ramen.. because of warm つゆ in there.

As I say think about Ramen, I recall the day of the Ramen festival. It was two weeks ago, but I can not forget the nice Ramen there! It was at the Sakae, and luckily the day I visited was the last day of the event.

Bought ticket to eat Ramen!
Even though it was cold weather,
a lot of people were waiting for the Ramen

I don’t know well, but I chose Ramen that said to win a competition. And it was not so different from what I expected. It was really nice Ramen!

Looks Yummy!
My friend and I left nothing..

This reminiscence make me more hungry, and increase eager for Ramen. I should eat Ramen tonight!

Exhibition of Shinkai Makoto

Hello Everyone! What did you do on your weekend?

I had a meaningful event on Saturday because I went to exhibition of Shinkai Makoto, director of the movie [your name]!. It is held in Takashimaya from 2/16 ~ 3/3. Here is information!

I have plan next week, so last Saturday was the last chance to visit there.

In front of the Exhibition

Definitely I love [your name] the most, but besides it there were other works of Shinkai Makoto. From his first work, I could watch the whole process of his movie developing gradually.

Sadly, taking picture inside was prohibited so I didn’t take any pictures. There were a lot of scenario and continuity(conti) of his works; ほしのこえ, 雲のむこう、約束の場所, 秒速5センチメートル, 星を追う子ども, 言の葉の庭 and 君の名は.

I was attracted to 言の葉の庭 in the exhibition. I didn’t know this movie until I visit here, so I thought it was really lucky to go to the exhibition! I watched it before I go to sleep that night.

I really like the afterglow of appreciation! The background was especially beautiful 🙂


I often go to Nagoya station, and always impressed by the beautiful illumanations.

Illumination around Nagoya station

On last Sunday, my best friend came from Korea then we went to more special place to see illumination, Nabananosato. We went to Nabananosato soon after having lunch, and waited until it becomes dark in Onsen.

It was incredibly wonderful Onsen

Five different types of Onsen made us happy!! We seriously doesn’t want to go outside the Onsen, so we almost miss the Illumination.

When we went outside, beautiful illumination spread beyond my eyes.

And this was the highlight of the illumination! The motive of the illumination was mountain Fuji.

The Illumination was a movie! I thought it might be
traditional story of Japan, but I am not sure.

Even the illumination was beautiful, my body was getting frozen. I am used to the weather of Nagoya so it was extremely cold! But my friend said Nagoya is very warm…^^. I really missed the Onsen.

So.. my point is, it is a little bit strange but,