We’ll never say goodbye

“I’ll never say goodbye” Yoshida san wrote this sentences in his letter which he gave me. He believes that we will meet again. And me too. I believe that day will come. Sometimes, we just need believe. And what will be will be.

I miss here so muchhhhh – GRIT! where I had so much great memories, where I met so many special people who I will never forget… The best thing I really love in this internship, that is “people”. In GRIT!, everyone always kind and have warm heart. GRIT! took up a big part in my heart. Specially, Yoshida san’s family who I lived with nearly 6 months and received so much love from them.

Last third day…
GRIT! birthday party, same time my last day. I was surprised when received super great gift from everyone. So touching!!! I was really surprised, so I couldn’t talk much. 皆さん、本当にありがとうね〜いろいろ〜 I received so much love from everyone, each time I look at them, I miss GRIT! so much!! Now, when I’m writing this post… still miss everyone so much.  TT.TT

How was I love here!

Last friday, we had dinner together and went to Cat coffee. Every time, Yoshida san bring me go to “Heaven”, yes!! Food heaven ^0^. That’s why sometime I thought that “Is he an angel?” Haha. For last, we “fight” to ice cream. If you know “Cat Cafe” near GRIT! area, you will know interesting Menu with unique ice cream or hamburger . We fight to “Unbelievable” ice – cream. Yah, its name is “Unbelievable” ^0^~ Oh my god!!! so big!!! Four of us, I just can told to you – give up!! Too much!!! We couldn’t finished it. That was my first time has interesting experience like that. I couldn’t stop laughing ^-^

Tooooo big with us, UNBELIEVABLE ^0^`

Last second day…
The day I didn’t want to come, but finally, what will come, will be come, right?
I didn’t know why it was rain, heavy rain. The sky looked sad same as my mood. I went to GRTI! again to clean my desk. What made me happy that I still could meet some people in GRIT! We hugged each other before I went back home. 皆さん、ありがとうね〜いろいろ〜 Warm hugs, I will remember them.

Last day…
Yoshida san helped me took pictures with familiar things …

My companion everyday – Lovely bicycle~

Do you know what I want to eat for the last thing? Yeah! Of course, matcha~

With Haruka chan~

So pity when Manami chan and Hikaru chan came late so I couldn’t meet them.
I was really happy when beside Haruka chan, her mom – Megumi san also went to airport. Miuwa san and his wife as well, awww~ I really really happy when they came. Although this is the first time same as last time I met Miuwa san’s wife. I know she is very warm and kind. Miuwa san gave me his hat, I wore Miuwa san’s hat went back Vietnam. My feeling same as Miuwa san rub my head ^-^~. Rie san gave me her hairband, she put in on my hand, feeling as she hold my hand. I wore it entire distance . I had to get on inside for preparing documents.  I couldn’t see everyone anymore , but I can feel they still stand by me when I wore Miuwa san’s hat and Rie san’s hairband.

How warm they were~

Look back months in Japan, friendship, relationship… All of them is so special to me. Memories we had, laughed, cried, happy, sad…  I recognized that in this internship I learned many  lessons but the important things I always respect – people. You and me, come from different countries.  We have been strange persons, didn’t know each other before. But we met and become friends. World is miracle、ね!We live in an incredible world. 

I read everyone’s letter. I was really happy, honestly… Everyone so kind to me. I will come back Japan again. Because I want to see red leaves in Autumn and snow in Winter. I still have many things want to do in Japan. So I will say “またね!”


P/S: I will continue study Japanese, 頑張って!