Last things

Time still do what it always do, flow… And finally my last week came. Honestly, my last week in GRIT! was really sad. The feeling like I hold a sand clock. The sand was flow down, flow down… and never mind anythings is happening. The last thing often make us have special feeling. They are nostalgic, miss and moody.

It seem to be everyone and me tried to create more and more happy memories we can together. Everyone in GRIT! very kind to me. They helped me do things I didn’t do before. And we completed  them in my last week together. ^0^

Thanks to Manami chan, finally I put my foot on Disney Sea, whoohoo!!

My first time and last time went to pool spend for dogs, with Ishikawa san, Ume chan and Nico ^0^

Do you remember me? Ume chan, Nico!

Thanks to Iwasa san, Esaka san, Watanabe san, Takada san, Nakamichi san and their childs. I had happy night with aquarium Nagoya. とても楽しかったです!

Night show at Aquarium Nagoya, すごいね〜

Had yummy dinner together~

Thanks to Shiho san, I knew Oden was sold in Family Mart. I was so lucky when Oden opened from 28 August. Really lucky, right? ^-^


GRIT! 飲み会 was my last party with everyone in GRIT! We talked and laughed so much! We took many pictures as well. Self-confessed that I easy to cry, やばいね!When I looked at faces who I worked with nearly 6 months, how familiar they were! I don’t know until when I can meet everyone again, so I cried(あ!やばい!) And when I spoke Japanese before the end of party, I realized that, how could I forget here and I love them so much!! Everyone in GRIT!, special persons to me. Memories in 6 months appeared in my mind, too much emotions!!

皆さん、every time, let’s smile like this, ね!

Thank you everyone for everything, I had great time in GRIT!. That is the greatest time in my 22 years old. I miss you, everyone!