Learn never stop

I can’t believe just this time last week I still stayed in Japan. And now, I went back Vietnam where spaced about 6 hours by plane directly from Japan. Yah, just last week~ I went to Tokyo with Yoshida san for the last time.

Although I just had last 3 days, Yoshida san still tried to teach me about camera from on shinkansen to go to the department ^0^~ I was really interesting and happy. Look back forward for nearly 6 months, I recognized that every time I go with Yoshida san, I always learn something from him (Camera, skills in life…). Perhaps both of us knew that “This is last “trip” together. That’s why in my side, I had mix of feeling, happy and sad, something regret…

We got off shinkansen, walked from Tokyo station to department. Yah, we walked. 散歩、and カメラ. We walked slowly on the Tokyo’s street in night, enjoy with everything we saw  , discovered new conners. We showed and shared exciting things and took pictures all of them. I still remember that day, Tokyo was comfortable with cool air. Just one problem: our bags was heavy ^-^! We played “hunter”, had a competition between us. Haha. We talked and laughed so much. Honestly, I thought that why I just had few days in Japan. I wished time will be  longer and longer. Peace full of my mind.

Yoshida san always like that, special in his unique way ^0^. He always create chances to me learn in every time and every where. Enthusiasm, warm, funny, quiet, strict, hard-work – Yoshida san who I don’t know say thank you how many times.

Yoshida san, thank you for everything. I said good bye to “Sony chan” but Yoshida san let me continue camera with “Canon kun”. Every time I look at it, I will always remember lessons he taught me, memories we had. It remind me that I had wonderful time in Japan where I met special people, GRIT! 。I have to try my best more and more, learn more and more. 頑張って!!!