Spend for the next internship

If you become the next intern in GRIT! Congratulation! Here will be great company for you grow up. I’m sure about that!. In GRIT! you will be feel warm and have much happy time with everyone in here. I must to say that everyday in GRIT! I always have interesting things.  ^-^. Do you worry when you will intern in the new environment? Before I went to GRIT!, had so many questions in my mind? How about GRIT!? How about everyone?, Is it okay with my Japanese? Yah~ so much things I thought and worried.

Now, I can say to you that. Don’t worry! Everything comes to you has reasons
So, what do you need for this internship? L.E.A.R.N

Large view
Right now!
Never give up

1. Large view
Why I said that? Chance – sometimes, chances around us but we don’t see them. And sometimes, the chances didn’t come, we have to create chances for ourselves. That is “ask”. The opportunities won’t come if we don’t ask. Let see further, larger to see chances around you. They come everyday. And when they come, your mission is “catch them”.

2. Energy
Let’s prepare for yourself energy more and more you can. Sometime, you will don’t know when chances come. They appear suddenly ^0^. I still remembered have one day, Yoshida san called to me and talked that “Can you go out now?” “Yah, I can”. And then I didn’t know what happen until I got on his car. Yoshida san took me to come to Naoki san, Sotarou and  learn about taking car’s photo and model in Sakae. ^0^ I learnt so much lesson in that day.
Or, had one night, nearly 10h pm. Yoshida san asked me that “Do you have energy?” “Yah,I have”. After that, we went to Nagoya station at 10pm, Yoshida san taught me camera. Very happy and interesting!
So, let’s prepare your energy! Chances will come ^^~

3. Attitude
Keeping for yourself curious and enthusiasm. That will be like your motivate to continue work or do something. Attitude about studying, you can focus and acquiring knowledge quickly and to me, good attitude also help you remember longer. Sometimes, you will be failed and become sad. Easy to understand, but the important is you can stand up and fix your mistake. No one perfect, mistakes make us better and grow up. Facing with the truth,   be brave! 

Ahh!! I miss there, so much!!!!

4. Right now!
When you want to learn something, you want to do something. Just do it! (NIKE’s slogan, Great! ^-^ ). Small things or big things, all of them will help you study very much! Sometimes, we have fears and they make us delay our plan. Remember that, time still is flowing while we are afraid and think so much about that fear. The important, you want to do, just do it! You want to learn, just learn it!

Do you know each time I look GRIT! logo, what did I think?
What make you love is what make you brave.
I love my dream, and they made me brave to follow that dream. I know they are difficult. But we love, right? Be brave and catch them! They will create motivation for us, everyday.

5. Never give up
If you failed when you do something. I now we can’t avoid to sad or disappeared. The important point is you know how to accept it and try your best for the next time. If the second time you still failed, don’t be shy. Let’s thing about your main purpose when you choose here.
Do you hear the sentence “ Before you quit, lets’ think about the reason caused you start” ?
Honestly, I had so many time sad and disappointed about myself. Something happened not same as I hope, about my ability, my knowledge, my character… You know, I was used to be angry myself ^-^! After that, I spent so much time to thinking… I thought about my dream, my purpose in Japan, in GRIT!  I think we need fail, because fail will “push” us to goal.

Enough alert and brave. Keep moving forward!

Thank you GRIT! and everyone in here, for everything when I worked in there! I learned so much things. They are invaluable lessons.