Good thing – Bad thing

In previous posts, I told you about many good things in this internship. Do you curious that “Did I have bad thing?” –  Yes! of course!

But, that bad thing start from me. This is my Japanese. Until now, this still make me feel regret…

I wish I will have one day I can understand all of these kanji. So difficult !!! Learning more, FIGHTING!

# In daily
I had many times angry to me. Because I couldn’t explain or talk what I want. Deep stories or joking sentences with friends. What I can do, they are just basic in communication. What I want to talk, they are more and more, deeply…

# In work
My major is Marketing (business). For the first time I went to GRIT!, I really wanted to learn about GRIT!’s marketing and how to business in there. Yah, my Japanese wasn’t enough good to understand about them. I still remember when Yoshida san talked to new staffs about Marketing, Design, Business… That day, my inside… was “itchy” ^-^! . Because I want to understand but I couldn’t. That was so sad.

That why I decided I still continue go to Japanese school in Vietnam. Learning more about Japanese. And when we have chances meet again together. I will talk to everyone by Japanese, fighting!!! ^-^

Thank you everyone for everyday talked to me. I had so many chances to practice Japanese ^0^~