Chance- Challenge- Change

Ooopps!! I lost one week and didn’t update new post. So, I came back ^o^. I still continue want to talk to you about my internship.

If you ask me how about this internship. I can talk that: Chance – Challenge – Change. I think that they are the short way to talk about my internship. Specially, I had great chance to learn deeply about camera and design. From the people always set up “Auto” matic to the person can use “Manual” camera function ^0^. After that, I received interesting missions.

Light car

Take photos in Fukui

And many things else… ^-^

The big challenge to me, that is Japanese.
When I receiving some missions, that was easy to misunderstood. So that’s why it took more time to me understand. Yah, I just wish that I can speak Japanese better.
When change from Vietnam to Japanese environment. Cultural is my  challenge too, new culture, new environment. Optimistic, my ability was trained : adaptation and flexibility. ^-^

What is your dream?
Whenever you ask yourself that “Who will you become after 5 years, 10 years?”
Who is the person you want to become?
I want to follow my dream, and I know that I must change my character. I have my weakness, that make me think that I have to try my best more and more. Be more confident, more brave. In GRIT!, through missions I received, environment where I work. I was trained character. Specially, from Yoshida san who very kind to me, very warm and strictly ^o^. Thanks to him, I learnt so much things and grow up.

I want to become a successful business. I need stronger,  sharp brain and many things else. I just know that fighting everyday. Change from my mind, from my inside.  And believe myself I can do it.

Thank you GRIT! for everything, taught me so many lesson. I learnt and grew up so much!