We’ll never say goodbye

“I’ll never say goodbye” Yoshida san wrote this sentences in his letter which he gave me. He believes that we will meet again. And me too. I believe that day will come. Sometimes, we just need believe. And what will be will be.

I miss here so muchhhhh – GRIT! where I had so much great memories, where I met so many special people who I will never forget… The best thing I really love in this internship, that is “people”. In GRIT!, everyone always kind and have warm heart. GRIT! took up a big part in my heart. Specially, Yoshida san’s family who I lived with nearly 6 months and received so much love from them.

Last third day…
GRIT! birthday party, same time my last day. I was surprised when received super great gift from everyone. So touching!!! I was really surprised, so I couldn’t talk much. 皆さん、本当にありがとうね〜いろいろ〜 I received so much love from everyone, each time I look at them, I miss GRIT! so much!! Now, when I’m writing this post… still miss everyone so much.  TT.TT

How was I love here!

Last friday, we had dinner together and went to Cat coffee. Every time, Yoshida san bring me go to “Heaven”, yes!! Food heaven ^0^. That’s why sometime I thought that “Is he an angel?” Haha. For last, we “fight” to ice cream. If you know “Cat Cafe” near GRIT! area, you will know interesting Menu with unique ice cream or hamburger . We fight to “Unbelievable” ice – cream. Yah, its name is “Unbelievable” ^0^~ Oh my god!!! so big!!! Four of us, I just can told to you – give up!! Too much!!! We couldn’t finished it. That was my first time has interesting experience like that. I couldn’t stop laughing ^-^

Tooooo big with us, UNBELIEVABLE ^0^`

Last second day…
The day I didn’t want to come, but finally, what will come, will be come, right?
I didn’t know why it was rain, heavy rain. The sky looked sad same as my mood. I went to GRTI! again to clean my desk. What made me happy that I still could meet some people in GRIT! We hugged each other before I went back home. 皆さん、ありがとうね〜いろいろ〜 Warm hugs, I will remember them.

Last day…
Yoshida san helped me took pictures with familiar things …

My companion everyday – Lovely bicycle~

Do you know what I want to eat for the last thing? Yeah! Of course, matcha~

With Haruka chan~

So pity when Manami chan and Hikaru chan came late so I couldn’t meet them.
I was really happy when beside Haruka chan, her mom – Megumi san also went to airport. Miuwa san and his wife as well, awww~ I really really happy when they came. Although this is the first time same as last time I met Miuwa san’s wife. I know she is very warm and kind. Miuwa san gave me his hat, I wore Miuwa san’s hat went back Vietnam. My feeling same as Miuwa san rub my head ^-^~. Rie san gave me her hairband, she put in on my hand, feeling as she hold my hand. I wore it entire distance . I had to get on inside for preparing documents.  I couldn’t see everyone anymore , but I can feel they still stand by me when I wore Miuwa san’s hat and Rie san’s hairband.

How warm they were~

Look back months in Japan, friendship, relationship… All of them is so special to me. Memories we had, laughed, cried, happy, sad…  I recognized that in this internship I learned many  lessons but the important things I always respect – people. You and me, come from different countries.  We have been strange persons, didn’t know each other before. But we met and become friends. World is miracle、ね!We live in an incredible world. 

I read everyone’s letter. I was really happy, honestly… Everyone so kind to me. I will come back Japan again. Because I want to see red leaves in Autumn and snow in Winter. I still have many things want to do in Japan. So I will say “またね!”


P/S: I will continue study Japanese, 頑張って!

Last things

Time still do what it always do, flow… And finally my last week came. Honestly, my last week in GRIT! was really sad. The feeling like I hold a sand clock. The sand was flow down, flow down… and never mind anythings is happening. The last thing often make us have special feeling. They are nostalgic, miss and moody.

It seem to be everyone and me tried to create more and more happy memories we can together. Everyone in GRIT! very kind to me. They helped me do things I didn’t do before. And we completed  them in my last week together. ^0^

Thanks to Manami chan, finally I put my foot on Disney Sea, whoohoo!!

My first time and last time went to pool spend for dogs, with Ishikawa san, Ume chan and Nico ^0^

Do you remember me? Ume chan, Nico!

Thanks to Iwasa san, Esaka san, Watanabe san, Takada san, Nakamichi san and their childs. I had happy night with aquarium Nagoya. とても楽しかったです!

Night show at Aquarium Nagoya, すごいね〜

Had yummy dinner together~

Thanks to Shiho san, I knew Oden was sold in Family Mart. I was so lucky when Oden opened from 28 August. Really lucky, right? ^-^


GRIT! 飲み会 was my last party with everyone in GRIT! We talked and laughed so much! We took many pictures as well. Self-confessed that I easy to cry, やばいね!When I looked at faces who I worked with nearly 6 months, how familiar they were! I don’t know until when I can meet everyone again, so I cried(あ!やばい!) And when I spoke Japanese before the end of party, I realized that, how could I forget here and I love them so much!! Everyone in GRIT!, special persons to me. Memories in 6 months appeared in my mind, too much emotions!!

皆さん、every time, let’s smile like this, ね!

Thank you everyone for everything, I had great time in GRIT!. That is the greatest time in my 22 years old. I miss you, everyone!

Learn never stop

I can’t believe just this time last week I still stayed in Japan. And now, I went back Vietnam where spaced about 6 hours by plane directly from Japan. Yah, just last week~ I went to Tokyo with Yoshida san for the last time.

Although I just had last 3 days, Yoshida san still tried to teach me about camera from on shinkansen to go to the department ^0^~ I was really interesting and happy. Look back forward for nearly 6 months, I recognized that every time I go with Yoshida san, I always learn something from him (Camera, skills in life…). Perhaps both of us knew that “This is last “trip” together. That’s why in my side, I had mix of feeling, happy and sad, something regret…

We got off shinkansen, walked from Tokyo station to department. Yah, we walked. 散歩、and カメラ. We walked slowly on the Tokyo’s street in night, enjoy with everything we saw  , discovered new conners. We showed and shared exciting things and took pictures all of them. I still remember that day, Tokyo was comfortable with cool air. Just one problem: our bags was heavy ^-^! We played “hunter”, had a competition between us. Haha. We talked and laughed so much. Honestly, I thought that why I just had few days in Japan. I wished time will be  longer and longer. Peace full of my mind.

Yoshida san always like that, special in his unique way ^0^. He always create chances to me learn in every time and every where. Enthusiasm, warm, funny, quiet, strict, hard-work – Yoshida san who I don’t know say thank you how many times.

Yoshida san, thank you for everything. I said good bye to “Sony chan” but Yoshida san let me continue camera with “Canon kun”. Every time I look at it, I will always remember lessons he taught me, memories we had. It remind me that I had wonderful time in Japan where I met special people, GRIT! 。I have to try my best more and more, learn more and more. 頑張って!!!

Spend for the next internship

If you become the next intern in GRIT! Congratulation! Here will be great company for you grow up. I’m sure about that!. In GRIT! you will be feel warm and have much happy time with everyone in here. I must to say that everyday in GRIT! I always have interesting things.  ^-^. Do you worry when you will intern in the new environment? Before I went to GRIT!, had so many questions in my mind? How about GRIT!? How about everyone?, Is it okay with my Japanese? Yah~ so much things I thought and worried.

Now, I can say to you that. Don’t worry! Everything comes to you has reasons
So, what do you need for this internship? L.E.A.R.N

Large view
Right now!
Never give up

1. Large view
Why I said that? Chance – sometimes, chances around us but we don’t see them. And sometimes, the chances didn’t come, we have to create chances for ourselves. That is “ask”. The opportunities won’t come if we don’t ask. Let see further, larger to see chances around you. They come everyday. And when they come, your mission is “catch them”.

2. Energy
Let’s prepare for yourself energy more and more you can. Sometime, you will don’t know when chances come. They appear suddenly ^0^. I still remembered have one day, Yoshida san called to me and talked that “Can you go out now?” “Yah, I can”. And then I didn’t know what happen until I got on his car. Yoshida san took me to come to Naoki san, Sotarou and  learn about taking car’s photo and model in Sakae. ^0^ I learnt so much lesson in that day.
Or, had one night, nearly 10h pm. Yoshida san asked me that “Do you have energy?” “Yah,I have”. After that, we went to Nagoya station at 10pm, Yoshida san taught me camera. Very happy and interesting!
So, let’s prepare your energy! Chances will come ^^~

3. Attitude
Keeping for yourself curious and enthusiasm. That will be like your motivate to continue work or do something. Attitude about studying, you can focus and acquiring knowledge quickly and to me, good attitude also help you remember longer. Sometimes, you will be failed and become sad. Easy to understand, but the important is you can stand up and fix your mistake. No one perfect, mistakes make us better and grow up. Facing with the truth,   be brave! 

Ahh!! I miss there, so much!!!!

4. Right now!
When you want to learn something, you want to do something. Just do it! (NIKE’s slogan, Great! ^-^ ). Small things or big things, all of them will help you study very much! Sometimes, we have fears and they make us delay our plan. Remember that, time still is flowing while we are afraid and think so much about that fear. The important, you want to do, just do it! You want to learn, just learn it!

Do you know each time I look GRIT! logo, what did I think?
What make you love is what make you brave.
I love my dream, and they made me brave to follow that dream. I know they are difficult. But we love, right? Be brave and catch them! They will create motivation for us, everyday.

5. Never give up
If you failed when you do something. I now we can’t avoid to sad or disappeared. The important point is you know how to accept it and try your best for the next time. If the second time you still failed, don’t be shy. Let’s thing about your main purpose when you choose here.
Do you hear the sentence “ Before you quit, lets’ think about the reason caused you start” ?
Honestly, I had so many time sad and disappointed about myself. Something happened not same as I hope, about my ability, my knowledge, my character… You know, I was used to be angry myself ^-^! After that, I spent so much time to thinking… I thought about my dream, my purpose in Japan, in GRIT!  I think we need fail, because fail will “push” us to goal.

Enough alert and brave. Keep moving forward!

Thank you GRIT! and everyone in here, for everything when I worked in there! I learned so much things. They are invaluable lessons.

Good thing – Bad thing

In previous posts, I told you about many good things in this internship. Do you curious that “Did I have bad thing?” –  Yes! of course!

But, that bad thing start from me. This is my Japanese. Until now, this still make me feel regret…

I wish I will have one day I can understand all of these kanji. So difficult !!! Learning more, FIGHTING!

# In daily
I had many times angry to me. Because I couldn’t explain or talk what I want. Deep stories or joking sentences with friends. What I can do, they are just basic in communication. What I want to talk, they are more and more, deeply…

# In work
My major is Marketing (business). For the first time I went to GRIT!, I really wanted to learn about GRIT!’s marketing and how to business in there. Yah, my Japanese wasn’t enough good to understand about them. I still remember when Yoshida san talked to new staffs about Marketing, Design, Business… That day, my inside… was “itchy” ^-^! . Because I want to understand but I couldn’t. That was so sad.

That why I decided I still continue go to Japanese school in Vietnam. Learning more about Japanese. And when we have chances meet again together. I will talk to everyone by Japanese, fighting!!! ^-^

Thank you everyone for everyday talked to me. I had so many chances to practice Japanese ^0^~

Chance- Challenge- Change

Ooopps!! I lost one week and didn’t update new post. So, I came back ^o^. I still continue want to talk to you about my internship.

If you ask me how about this internship. I can talk that: Chance – Challenge – Change. I think that they are the short way to talk about my internship. Specially, I had great chance to learn deeply about camera and design. From the people always set up “Auto” matic to the person can use “Manual” camera function ^0^. After that, I received interesting missions.

Light car

Take photos in Fukui

And many things else… ^-^

The big challenge to me, that is Japanese.
When I receiving some missions, that was easy to misunderstood. So that’s why it took more time to me understand. Yah, I just wish that I can speak Japanese better.
When change from Vietnam to Japanese environment. Cultural is my  challenge too, new culture, new environment. Optimistic, my ability was trained : adaptation and flexibility. ^-^

What is your dream?
Whenever you ask yourself that “Who will you become after 5 years, 10 years?”
Who is the person you want to become?
I want to follow my dream, and I know that I must change my character. I have my weakness, that make me think that I have to try my best more and more. Be more confident, more brave. In GRIT!, through missions I received, environment where I work. I was trained character. Specially, from Yoshida san who very kind to me, very warm and strictly ^o^. Thanks to him, I learnt so much things and grow up.

I want to become a successful business. I need stronger,  sharp brain and many things else. I just know that fighting everyday. Change from my mind, from my inside.  And believe myself I can do it.

Thank you GRIT! for everything, taught me so many lesson. I learnt and grew up so much!