Happy dances

Time left, new experiences, memories still have occurred… Too beautiful same as a dream…

Before I went to Japan, I searched about festivals in Japan. And I wanted to dance with local people in まつり. I thinked that I can’t join that matsuri because I just have 2 weeks and Obon already finished. I was so happy when Kito san ask me about this festival. I was really really happy \whoohoo/ ^-^

The street lead us to matsuri, 大きなちょうちん〜

Yay!! Finally, I had chance to visit Honda san’s hometown and join in dance festival. Because the local people dance from evening to 5am, めっちゃすごい〜 .It took us 2 hours to reach at Guyou Hachiman. Five of us, Kito san, Esaka san, Honda san, Nagao san and me, talked and laughed so much! とても楽しかったです!The interesting thing to me, that was all of we wore Yukata and danced together!

Can you see something special? ^0^

On the street lead us to matsuri, so peaceful and beautiful. In night, didn’t have so many people. Sometime, only us and Geta shoes’s sound “clip-clop clip-clop”. The air was so cool and fresh. We can hear river’s sound. Ah~ honestly, really peaceful in my heart. Guyou Hachiman is a traditional hometown. My feeling like I lost in another world. Same as  “千と千尋の神隠し せんとちひろのかみかくし”. I wished that I can stop time. We walked and talked so happy. This was the first time I had great feeling like that. Enjoy with Yukata, and walk in traditional town in night.

How peaceful it was!

When we was dancing~

Woa!! Dancing!! The first time I saw so many people danced together  like that. We joined in matsuri and danced together, follow everyone “右、左、右、1、2、\pam/” ^o^. Really exciting!! Whohoo!!. After dancing, all of us was so hungry and we had delicious dinner with soba so yummy!

We went back at 12pm. We with young heart, continue journey with fireworks. ^-^ We dropped in Family mart and bought fireworks, found the park. Over 12:30pm, no one in here. Yay!! Freedom!! とても、とても楽しかった〜

Funny moment at night ^0^

When I was danced and walked with everyone, had one thinking appeared in my mind that “I will miss everyone so muchhh when I come back Vietnam”… I will remember today forever…

Thank you Kito san, Esaka san, Honda san and Nagao san had happy memory together, that was great day to me ^0^

Thank you Honda san (again) for driving car entire distance.

Thank you Honda san’s family very friendly and kind.