The world is wonderful. Persons come from different countries. Although our distance is far, but we still can meet each other, from strange to friend, from friend to become closed friend… Did you think about that? How miracle it was! Relationship, the people we didn’t know before but they appeared in our life.

Haruka chan is one of them.

The first period I went to GRIT!, I just met Haruka chan for the first week, but after that, I can’t believe that we traveled so much like that. Sometimes I think, having something connect us? She always willing to become my companion when I want to travel somewhere ^-^~

Two weeks ago, I had Osaka trip with Haruka chan. Yay!! Osaka is a bustling city and really famous with Takoyaki ^0^. We tried one takoyaki shop and made by ourselves with new flavor (cheese, corn and pine-apple). Woa~ 美味しい〜 .



Enjoy with Glico man, haha ^0^

One more time, thanks to Haruka chan, my wish “wearing Yukata and walk around Japan street” was  came true. Whoohoo!. But this time just one problem, so hot!!! And geta made our legs painful. I still remember when we ran to catch the boat, oh my god!! Our leg~ But still really funny, our legs pain but we laughed ^0^

I have to say that Haruka chan always creat interesting experience to me. We slept at Onsen instead of hotel. In all of Onsen I went, this is the best onsen I like. Very big and very beautiful~

For the next day, we went to Mino waterfall. It took us nearly two hours to get water fall. Super hot! But in water fall, really cool, とても気持ち〜

Friendship is an invaluable gift~

1,2,3! Heyo!!!

Osaka is just one of trips we had. Yesterday, I had dinner with Haruka chan’s family. Because i just have two weeks, that’s why I really appreciate memories with everyone. Haruka chan’s family is really funny and warm. I laughed so much!

Thank you Haruka chan’s family for having dinner together, really happy and brough me visit home.
Thank you Harruka chan for picked me up at GRIT! yesterday~