Time left, shorter and shorter. Today is the first day I go back GRIT! to work with everyone after Obon. Honestly, I really missed here, very much!!! That’s why I want to write about GRIT! in this post which took a large part of my heart.

Meetings “without tables”

In GRIT !, there is always a meeting on Monday. All staffs attend the meeting, from full time staffs to part time staffs. Because they are always together, everyone can know what their company is doing, what they have done and what they will do. The company has more than 70 employees, but always knows the work of other departments. That’s so great!
Everyone listens to each other’s opinions. The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable, everyone is easy to share with each other. And at the end of the meeting, everyone was shouting “頑張りましょう!”. It helps to create motivation for everyone working.


Every day I clean up with everyone 10 minutes. There is a roster stick on the door . So even though GRIT! has 3 floors but  still doesn’t have any sanitation workers. Everyone tidy together in happy air. Here, teamwork is always respected – team spirit. For the first time, I was very confused because of new things. But thanks to the enthusiastic guide from everyone,  I can do easy. We used  all the body language, dictionary to understand each other. Yah! We had so many funny moments.

Or even lunch time the same, are assigned to prepare bento, tea, cup of chopsticks things. Who finished eating his self-cleaning. Always clean and neat. Even the sink, washing finished with a dry towel to dry, not to let it dry naturally like in Vietnam. ^-^`


In Japan, people have a habit of greeting each other every morning in the company. “おはよう”… Before going back home, everyone would say “お疲れ様です” and “おさきに知っつれします”. Actually, to talk smoothly these sentences, I practiced so many times ^-^.
When customers come to GRIT! or go back, everyone stand up and salute. First day I didn’t understand what is happening when everyone stand up suddenly. I was surprised, but after that, I understand and really admire to GRIT!’s culture.

Dogs are friends

The first picture for the first time I met Fuku, Ume, Leo, Niko in March~ So fast!

Every day I go to work with three dog friends, Leo, Fuku and Niko. Adding Ishikawa san’s dog – Ume chan.  Four of them running loudly at the GRIT! . Everyone loves them. The scene they run rattled gasoline, joking each other day is no matter how upset nobody. Working stress also disappear, just laugh and relax with them. The first day I came here was a bit surprised, because they can run out of rent and wrapped around everyone’s feet but everyone is very carefree work. Rarely few times, they made noisy or pee, everyone understands so well, so also calmly clean up without being uncomfortable. Pretend angry with love, look so funny ^-^~

Hardworking, meticulous and careful

Official work hours are from 9am to 6pm, but everyone arrives earlier than the scheduled time and also arrives later. I remember the night I slept in GRIT !, 8h, 9h someone still sit back to work. Sometimes,  until 11h. Because of that, I always see GRIT! in everyone as a second home in their mind. Say about meticulous and careful, I wrote in the post before、ね!Honestly, I learnt so much things in GRIT! from everyone everyday.

Thank you GRIT! for create great environment where I had chances to learnt from company’s culture – GRIT!’s culture.