Happy dances

Time left, new experiences, memories still have occurred… Too beautiful same as a dream…

Before I went to Japan, I searched about festivals in Japan. And I wanted to dance with local people in まつり. I thinked that I can’t join that matsuri because I just have 2 weeks and Obon already finished. I was so happy when Kito san ask me about this festival. I was really really happy \whoohoo/ ^-^

The street lead us to matsuri, 大きなちょうちん〜

Yay!! Finally, I had chance to visit Honda san’s hometown and join in dance festival. Because the local people dance from evening to 5am, めっちゃすごい〜 .It took us 2 hours to reach at Guyou Hachiman. Five of us, Kito san, Esaka san, Honda san, Nagao san and me, talked and laughed so much! とても楽しかったです!The interesting thing to me, that was all of we wore Yukata and danced together!

Can you see something special? ^0^

On the street lead us to matsuri, so peaceful and beautiful. In night, didn’t have so many people. Sometime, only us and Geta shoes’s sound “clip-clop clip-clop”. The air was so cool and fresh. We can hear river’s sound. Ah~ honestly, really peaceful in my heart. Guyou Hachiman is a traditional hometown. My feeling like I lost in another world. Same as  “千と千尋の神隠し せんとちひろのかみかくし”. I wished that I can stop time. We walked and talked so happy. This was the first time I had great feeling like that. Enjoy with Yukata, and walk in traditional town in night.

How peaceful it was!

When we was dancing~

Woa!! Dancing!! The first time I saw so many people danced together  like that. We joined in matsuri and danced together, follow everyone “右、左、右、1、2、\pam/” ^o^. Really exciting!! Whohoo!!. After dancing, all of us was so hungry and we had delicious dinner with soba so yummy!

We went back at 12pm. We with young heart, continue journey with fireworks. ^-^ We dropped in Family mart and bought fireworks, found the park. Over 12:30pm, no one in here. Yay!! Freedom!! とても、とても楽しかった〜

Funny moment at night ^0^

When I was danced and walked with everyone, had one thinking appeared in my mind that “I will miss everyone so muchhh when I come back Vietnam”… I will remember today forever…

Thank you Kito san, Esaka san, Honda san and Nagao san had happy memory together, that was great day to me ^0^

Thank you Honda san (again) for driving car entire distance.

Thank you Honda san’s family very friendly and kind.

Japan home

“ Everyone people we meet, always have reason. Any person you meet is just the person you need to meet.” – From India

Do you believe in fate, destiny? Anyone we met always have reasons. Whether they appear in our life for a long time or short time or just few days.. But they always represent for something. They gave us lessons, they teach us something about life, or they gave us love…They appear to help us something or improve something in our life…
And everyone I met in Japan, specially everyone in GRIT!, all of them represent for special things.

One of special things I want to say that is Yoshida san’s family who I’m living with. Obon holiday is the longest trip I had in Japan. That was the first time I went out of home 5 days. I recognized I had homesick and really miss them.

First picture together…

Let me say something honestly… Japan is the furthest country I went in 22 years. When you live far from your home town, do you have anytime you feel homesick? No friends? I really wanted to have friends to hang out at the weekends and enjoy Japan. That was my feeling when I’ve lived in Japan for the first period time. Yoshida san and Rie san always make me feel warm like the second home. I had family feeling, family moments… And I really love that.
When I went to somewhere and went back home. Always having Yoshida san or Rie san, Naho at home and said “お借り“…
When we had dinnder together, Rie san taugh me Japanese, kanji words through menu.
When we were waiting while Rie san cooked, the food’s smell was fulled of that room. We smiled.
When we talked about same topics and laughed together…
Yah, I can told to you many moments like that. Just one thing that I always wish that I can speak Japanese more and more, honestly…

When lived with Yoshida san’s family, I had chances to seen and learnt from persons closest to me in Japan. Not only Japan’s culture but also about skill in life.
I learnt from Yoshida san how to keep young heart and young mind with his age. How to balance between life and working, between hobbies and working.
I learnt from Rie san how to manage everything, how to arrange everything effectively and many things else.

Everyday I live with Yoshida san’s family, the biggest thing I received maybe that is take caring from everyone.
Where I feel very warm and happy each time I think of it…
Where I had happy time and great memories with persons who I love and respect…

I want spend tons of thank you to Yoshida san, Rie san and Naho. Thank you for everything when I’ve live in here, so much!!!!


The world is wonderful. Persons come from different countries. Although our distance is far, but we still can meet each other, from strange to friend, from friend to become closed friend… Did you think about that? How miracle it was! Relationship, the people we didn’t know before but they appeared in our life.

Haruka chan is one of them.

The first period I went to GRIT!, I just met Haruka chan for the first week, but after that, I can’t believe that we traveled so much like that. Sometimes I think, having something connect us? She always willing to become my companion when I want to travel somewhere ^-^~

Two weeks ago, I had Osaka trip with Haruka chan. Yay!! Osaka is a bustling city and really famous with Takoyaki ^0^. We tried one takoyaki shop and made by ourselves with new flavor (cheese, corn and pine-apple). Woa~ 美味しい〜 .



Enjoy with Glico man, haha ^0^

One more time, thanks to Haruka chan, my wish “wearing Yukata and walk around Japan street” was  came true. Whoohoo!. But this time just one problem, so hot!!! And geta made our legs painful. I still remember when we ran to catch the boat, oh my god!! Our leg~ But still really funny, our legs pain but we laughed ^0^

I have to say that Haruka chan always creat interesting experience to me. We slept at Onsen instead of hotel. In all of Onsen I went, this is the best onsen I like. Very big and very beautiful~

For the next day, we went to Mino waterfall. It took us nearly two hours to get water fall. Super hot! But in water fall, really cool, とても気持ち〜

Friendship is an invaluable gift~

1,2,3! Heyo!!!

Osaka is just one of trips we had. Yesterday, I had dinner with Haruka chan’s family. Because i just have two weeks, that’s why I really appreciate memories with everyone. Haruka chan’s family is really funny and warm. I laughed so much!

Thank you Haruka chan’s family for having dinner together, really happy and brough me visit home.
Thank you Harruka chan for picked me up at GRIT! yesterday~


Time left, shorter and shorter. Today is the first day I go back GRIT! to work with everyone after Obon. Honestly, I really missed here, very much!!! That’s why I want to write about GRIT! in this post which took a large part of my heart.

Meetings “without tables”

In GRIT !, there is always a meeting on Monday. All staffs attend the meeting, from full time staffs to part time staffs. Because they are always together, everyone can know what their company is doing, what they have done and what they will do. The company has more than 70 employees, but always knows the work of other departments. That’s so great!
Everyone listens to each other’s opinions. The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable, everyone is easy to share with each other. And at the end of the meeting, everyone was shouting “頑張りましょう!”. It helps to create motivation for everyone working.


Every day I clean up with everyone 10 minutes. There is a roster stick on the door . So even though GRIT! has 3 floors but  still doesn’t have any sanitation workers. Everyone tidy together in happy air. Here, teamwork is always respected – team spirit. For the first time, I was very confused because of new things. But thanks to the enthusiastic guide from everyone,  I can do easy. We used  all the body language, dictionary to understand each other. Yah! We had so many funny moments.

Or even lunch time the same, are assigned to prepare bento, tea, cup of chopsticks things. Who finished eating his self-cleaning. Always clean and neat. Even the sink, washing finished with a dry towel to dry, not to let it dry naturally like in Vietnam. ^-^`


In Japan, people have a habit of greeting each other every morning in the company. “おはよう”… Before going back home, everyone would say “お疲れ様です” and “おさきに知っつれします”. Actually, to talk smoothly these sentences, I practiced so many times ^-^.
When customers come to GRIT! or go back, everyone stand up and salute. First day I didn’t understand what is happening when everyone stand up suddenly. I was surprised, but after that, I understand and really admire to GRIT!’s culture.

Dogs are friends

The first picture for the first time I met Fuku, Ume, Leo, Niko in March~ So fast!

Every day I go to work with three dog friends, Leo, Fuku and Niko. Adding Ishikawa san’s dog – Ume chan.  Four of them running loudly at the GRIT! . Everyone loves them. The scene they run rattled gasoline, joking each other day is no matter how upset nobody. Working stress also disappear, just laugh and relax with them. The first day I came here was a bit surprised, because they can run out of rent and wrapped around everyone’s feet but everyone is very carefree work. Rarely few times, they made noisy or pee, everyone understands so well, so also calmly clean up without being uncomfortable. Pretend angry with love, look so funny ^-^~

Hardworking, meticulous and careful

Official work hours are from 9am to 6pm, but everyone arrives earlier than the scheduled time and also arrives later. I remember the night I slept in GRIT !, 8h, 9h someone still sit back to work. Sometimes,  until 11h. Because of that, I always see GRIT! in everyone as a second home in their mind. Say about meticulous and careful, I wrote in the post before、ね!Honestly, I learnt so much things in GRIT! from everyone everyday.

Thank you GRIT! for create great environment where I had chances to learnt from company’s culture – GRIT!’s culture.

タコパ. Childs. Letter.

I can’t believe this month is my last month in GRIT! Last week, I and Yoshida san finished interviews new interns. Actually, I had some strangle feeling. Is it my last month? They are candidates for fourth generation. They made me remembered to the first time  I had interviewed with Yoshida san. That time, my position was same as them. My heart was beating so much. And now, I’m here, interviewed  the next people. Time flow so fast! I wished that I had Doraemon. I can come back 5 months ago… Time is becoming shorter. When I can see you again? I don’t know. So, that made me the more appreciate I want.


I like letters which were wrote by hands. Nowasday, with developing technical such as smart phone, internet. Fewer letters we received. I was so happy when received a picture with words wrote by hand – Mei chan. He is Hiromi Ito san’s child. Ah~~~ Honestly, really really happy~ That was a great gift to me ^0^!

This is small gift from Aoi chan – Fuji san’s child. She made by her hand. I really like that. Last week, I had takoyaki party in Fuji san’s house. I played with childs and was so happy. We made takoyaki and crepe together.  That was the first time I tried to make crepe by myself. So interesting ^-^. That day was happy memory between me and everyone. Ah~ I just want to time fly slowly slowly. If can, I want to stop it! ^-^!

Thank you Ito san chan for gaving to me so cute picture and letter from Mei chan.

Thank you Aoi chan for gaving me a cute gift.

Thank you Fuji san, Mizuno san, Mine san and childs had happy dinner together, we laughed so much!

3! 2! 1! Cheese!!


Summer in Japan is colorful with many kinds of fireworks. In Saturday, Yoshida san and Rie san took me to see fireworks in the beach near Nagashima Spa Land with Sobue san. Before that, we had interesting experience with Sobue san’s boat. The feeling like we were surfing. The boat gently moved in the beach, we swayed follow boat. Sometime, big waves came, boat jumped and water scooped our face. AWESOME!!! My lips couldn’t stop laughing because of exciting. Whoohoo!!

We anchored the boat and fishing and waited until 8pm to see fireworks. Sunset was so beautiful and peaceful. Sun was disappeared gradually behind mountain. The sky changed  to pink and purple, I let my soul free and thinking. Actually, my inside had complex feeling. Yoshida san taugh me how to take fireworks. We went to on the top of boat, immerse in sound, colorful light. I wished that I can stop time.

Yesterday, one more lesson about taking pictures fireworks. It was really interesting to me. I and Yoshida san went out house and find the shadow area. We took some pictures, like this…

Yoshida san with heart ^0^

Do you know what I want to write? ^-^`

I want to write LOVE, but after that… uh oh! \haha/

Do you see star? ^0^

Thank you Yoshida san and Rie san took me to see fireworks in the beach and had interesting experience with “jumping boat”. Yay!!

Thank you Yoshida san (one more time) for teaching me about camera, we had happy time together.

Communication (Part 2)

I want to talk to you!
I want to make friend with you!

These were sentences  always appear in my mind. I still remember the first time I went to GRIT!, I can’t talk by Japanese. When I meet someone, that sentences appeared in my mind. “ I want to talk to you” .  But, that just my thinking. It was very hard to talk by Japanese. I didn’t know how to explain what I want to say. That was the hard time for me to understand what everyone talked in GRIT! Specially, when I heard everyone joking or chatting together. I wished that I can understand and I can talked naturally same like that.

Everyday everyday in GRIT! everyone helped me so much! Do you still remember psychology test with cubes (square, circle, S, triangle) ? Yah, I learned many things about Japanese from that. I just wrote what I want to said and tried to speak but actually I just read them ^-^!. Everyone is still perseverant to listen to me. Honestly, my grammar is wrong. But through key words they still can understand what I said. Same as me, about listening, I just hear the key words and tried to understand them.

Played, went out or had trips with everyone in GRIT! were the way I had chances to talk with everyone. Not only about memories, but also about learning Japanese and Japan’s culture. I think these in below are lessons I learnt through communicate to everyone in GRIT!

A interesting bilingual book which I really like. Learning Japanese! “It’s never too late to learn” \^-^/

Don’t be shy, don’t fear.

When learn a new language, do you have any fear about pronunciation or grammar?
Yes, I do.
I used to be fear that when I said they won’t understand because of my pronuciation is bad. Like that. But after that, I realized that if I don’t talk I won’t learn anything. If I don’t make mistake I won’t study anymore. I learned that accept mistakes is the way I face to face with myself. I want to study Japanese and talk to everyone, so I want to focus on that.
Fear, it starts from our inside, our mind. Do you think that? I think I can control that and just say to myself  “Be brave”.


When fears, shy went out of my mind. Confidence is what I need. That was the moment when you face to face someone and you don’t know what should to say. Yah, I had many times like that. Do you remember Totoro invitation in the kitchen? To invite someone go out or play with me, honestly I worried that they can’t go, worried that that will be denied. That was a little bit sad. But, I think that “Let’s talk”. At least I tried and I did it. And one more time “Be confidence”. ^0^ .

Again, again and again

That was when I said something by Japanese but everyone understand another meaning because of my wrong pronunciation and grammar. Eveyone helped me repeat them until I can talked right words ^0^. Yah~ japanese~. When I take mistake, I fixed, mistake again, fixed.. I will remember longer. I had many funny moment with that. Learning is interesting! Japanese is hard but it really interesting to me.

Communication is happning in our life everyday. Don’t run away from that, although our languages aren’t the same. My language is Vietnamese, yours is Japanese. I want to understand you, I learned Japanese. And you learned English (Shiho san learned Vietnamese \haha/ ). That’s why each time I was very happy when everyone try their best to talk to me by Japanese and English. The feeling same as we tried our best together to talk and understand each other ^-^

Thank you everyone in GRIT! helped me learn about Japanese, talked to me, practiced with me everyday.

Thank you Miuwa san for giving me juice, 美味しい〜

Thank you Fuji san, Mizuno san, Mine san because of tomorrow, coming soon ^-^~