What I learnt from GRIT!

I’ve worked at GRIT! nearly 5 months. From Viet nam’s environment to Japan’s environment, I learnt so many things. And in this post, I want to tell you about that.

Firstly, talk about carefully. I still remember the first time I cut paper in production room. Yah, not good, some of them was threw away >-<. So Kawasaki san had to print to me again. The line cut must be sharp and tidy. For the last product, they will come to customers. This taught me that I should careful, very carefully. Good products are the way to talk about company. The products are good, customer will come back, again again…
Yah, that was one of the examples which I had experienced.

On time
How do you feel if some one promise to you that he will go to at 6:00 but he lated?
Promise? Prestige?
I still remembered one day, products must sent to customer. Had so much papers needed to stamped and we must finished them around 4 hours. Everyone supported, helped each other and finished them on time. I can see that everyone tried their best and give priority to customers.
One more lesson I learnt, that was unity and think about the last result together. ^-^

Manage time
Do you want to save time?
Do you have anytime you feel regret when not having enough time?
I had, and sometimes I just wish the time can come back. I witnessed everyone in GRIT! manage their time effectively. In working, that’s about deadline. When had deadline, it will be help me manage time better and work effectively. Let’s set deadline by yourself, that was help you aren’t lazy. How to win myself? I think that need strength from my mind and my inside.

Preparation is very important. It can said that are you ready or not? Tried to imagine that if you go to meeting with customers. You didn’t prepare any document, what you will said, what you will sales. You didn’t prepare. I think you know what will be happen. ^-^! Good preparation will help you work smoothly, avoid to risks which we don’t need.
I still remember when I and Yoshida san went to Fukui to took pictures staffs at Gas station. He said that I should bring two cameras. 2 it’s mean 1, 1 it’s mean 0. In case your camera has problem, you still have another and continue take pictures, right? ^0^. Or camera card, let’s bring two cards.
So, before you want to do something, let’s take 3 steps! Prepare, prepare and prepare!

Actually, still have many things else what I learnt in here. I know only one post can’t enough for all of them. See you next time! ^0^

Thank you everyone in GRIT! taught me so much lessons every day. I learnt more, knew more from here. Studying is never enough, step by step, fighting!


Recently, I often count days left of my time in Japan. So, I made To-do-list what I want to do, what I want to eat ^0^, where I want to go… yah, still have many many things I didn’t do before.

Yup! Last week, I had Shirakawago trip with 7 person in GRIT! Iwasa san, Ichi chan, Yuii chan, Kawai san, Mizusako san, Ito san and Ito san’s child – Mei chan. A strong team! 8 is a lucky number, ね〜

Thanks to Ito san and Kawai san’s car, we had a comfortable and convenient trip together without go by train. It’s was very hot, no, super hot! We reached at Shirakawago nearly 12am and had lunch time in a restaurant  where we read it from newspaper. Luckily, inside very cold ^-^~.

Shirakawago is a peaceful village with old houses beside fields. I wish I can see them in the winter. But I can’t. Now Shirakawa go is covering by green. Yah, how peaceful it was! We walked, talked, and ate ice cream, kakigori… Each time like that, heaven came to us. Whoohoo!  Another thing was impress to me, that was local’s friendly. Specially, when we went to the souvenir shop, I had chances talked to some people, yah, I can feel their warm ~

Thank you Iwasa san, Ichi chan, Yuii chan, Kawai san, Mizusako san, Ito san and Mei chan  had happy trip together. On the way we went, we talked and laugh so much! We had happy time together, and played with Mei chan was so funny . He always bring gun \haha/.

Thank you everyone (again) for gaving to me experiences. When we went to みようぜんじ、staff took picture us and just printed one paper. Everyone spent it for me. Ah~ so touching!!! 皆さん、ありがとう、いろいろ〜

Thank you Iwasa san (Takapi ^0^) for gaving wine and chili sauce, super delicious. I was surprised. I love it!

Japan culture (Part 1)

I lived in Japan nearly 5 months. I had chances experienced Japan’s culture very interesting. My journey internship, beside learning in GRIT!, Japan show me a colorful picture about culture.

#1 Wearing Yukata in Matsuri

In summer, Japan is very famous with matsuri. This time last week, I joined in みなとまつりwith Fuji san, Kito san and Aoi chan. That was  the first time I went to the big matsuri like that. I saw very beautiful fire work which is so bright. That day my wish came true: wore Yukata in festival Japan. Although it was so hot, but I still saw many people wore Yukata. The way that Japanese keep tradition in the modern life, it was so impress to me. Activities in matsuri, all of them was prepared very carefully. Crowd of people was dancing in the traditional songs, I totally enjoyed in excitement generated  ^0^. Of course, I really love long lines food shop too \haha/

Do you know her? I know you will know ^O^


Talking about Yukata, to me it has so many steps to wear it, and difficult. I can saw that everything is detailed. From how to wear it to texture, creating a unique harmony. They always attract my eyes. But geta was a little bit hard to me. I like comfortable things. ^-^

Thank you Fuji san, Kito san, Aoi chan went to matsuri with me. Specially, Fuju san made me so surprise. She prepared for me very thoughtful from flower hairpin to bag, hand-fan, tea… and made my hair same as Japanese girl. I was really really happy ^0^

Thank you Fuji san’s mother for helping me wear Yukata and brought us to go festival by car.


#2 Go to shrine

Japan have so many shrines. I can see that Japanese respect Gods. Before praying, always see Japanese wash their hand. And each time go through Tori gates, they always bow to Gods. I really like that and I did the same thing too. Having many traditional activities happen in shrine, such as coin toss, ring the bell, clap hands before praying.

I witnessed some weddings in shrine, these were interesting experiences to me. They were happened in formal atmosphere with blessings from everyone. I think that Gods will help couples live happily and bring beautiful meanings in marriage life. Do you want to traditional wedding or modern wedding? ^0^

Marathon in summer

How many times did you run Marathon? I just had two times, and today I had one more time with everyone in GRIT! Yah, today we just practiced, but sooo hottt!!

Talking about Marathon, I knew it before but I didn’t run Marathon in Vietnam until I went to Japan. Do you know the book “What I talk about when I talk about running” – “走ることについて語るときに僕の語ること” by Haruki Murakami (村上 春樹). I read it when I lived in Vietnam (of course Vietnamese version ^0^). Now, after had two times Marathon experiences in Japan, I can understand more book’s meaning. If you have free time, let’s read it. Not only about running but also about life with thinking deeply. With me, that was a good book to read. I like it!

For a long time I didn’t practice, today my legs started a little bit hard. To me, running that was the good time to me thinking and refresh my mind. But today was so hot and I didn’t practice for a long time. I ran very slowly and felt that time was so long. I recognized that was easy to stop but very hard to continue, to win myself and win lazy inside me. Specially, with the hot air, I had a thousand reasons to lazy. But I can’t only think about them.  Yah~ Although I finished 3 laps but I think my mind should stronger. Do you think that Marathon is a form of brain training and mental ” work out ” fine-tunes mind ? Yes! I think so ^-^! So, be strong! 

Any way, I had happy time with everyone today. Everyone tried their best in 39*C ^0^. \Yay/ We did it!

Thank you every one for running together today, I had more happy memories. Thanks to Kouchi san, I had “ice hat” so cool!!! This special hat helped me so much, 大好き〜”

Secret house

In July, I had so many special memories. I just went back from Hokkaido and this week I continued my Japan journey with Wada san’s family in Ise Shima \Yay/ ^0^

Yah, this was the first time I had chance to go with Wada san’s family. It took us about 6 hours to reach at Ise Shima. In summer, the great thing to me that is beach, sea. I was surprised and happy when Wada san asked me, and said that we will have trip for 3 days \Whoohoo/

Sunset on the beach, peaceful~

The way lead to the “secret house” made me very impressive. That was a small path with forest bamboo in two side. We went down a small slope, through shade of the trees. Sometimes branches swiped on the car’s door. AWESOME!!! The feeling’s really great! Super great!

In the end of slope, blue beach appeared in my eyes, とてもきれい〜 How peaceful it was! A small traditional Japan house’s very lovely and warm. I love it! This is the first time I live in a traditional house like that. So tired after long time moving, we drunk beer and sleep on the floor together. I call that is “family feeling”, and freedom.

Say good bye Tom san and Yuuko chan ^0^

Why I call that is “family feeling”? Because of “together”.
That is when I, Wada san and Yo kun went to super market prepared for dinner, made たこ焼き, and two childs played game together waited us cooking. That view, made me so warm~
That is when we ate lunch or dinner together, everyone gathered around the table.
That is when we sleep together in one room. Yah, the first time I had warm experience like that. Five of us, together 〜
That is when we played card game in the afternoon, ate ice cream together, kids tried their best explain rule to me by English. かわいい〜
That is when we went back home every night, turned on songs from radio, light and warm melody.

Houses linger in the trees


Surfing!!! So shiny!!!

The second day, had Wada san and Yokun’s friends. We went to beach and swim. I jumped out of boat, drunk beach water so salty ^-<`. とても楽しかったです。気持ちいいな〜 We went to fishing into the sunset, talked and laugh so much!
The last night, everyone know my Japanese have limited. Wada san still tried to explain to me by English. Everyone said to be by the simple way Japanese. Yah, so happy and feel warm. We played butt language, do you know that game? I laughed so much. Everyone wrote hiragana to me easy understand. But sometime still hard to me. Haha. We talked until 12pm ^0^.

Third day, we prepared went back Nagoya. I can’t believe that we still can talked so much like that in the car on the way go back. Happy time!

Three days in Ise Shime with Wada san’s family, I had so much interesting experiences and really happy. That was a peaceful time in my heart, “family feeling”. I was surprised that Yo kun has actions same as my dad. I really cherished him. He’s so warm and kind to me.

Fishing and made Takoyaki with Yo kun ^0^

Thank you Wada san’s family for everything, brought me to Ise Shima together. Had great time together, gave to me so much awesome experience that I never ever done before and specially, “family feeling”. Three days was fly so fast. My heat, my mind full of happy and warm.

Twinkle memory

I just went back from heaven. Where I had wonderful memories in Japan, with an special person. Yah, I went to Hokkaido with Rie san.  Look back for one months ago, in a rainy day, the grey sky, everything around me became twinkle twinkle suddenly when Yoshida san said that I would had trip in Hokkaido. *^-^* I couldn’t believe I can go Hokkaido because it’s very far. But, thanks to Rie san and Yoshida san, finally it came true. \Whoohoo/

How lucky we were! Blue sky!

Hokkaido welcome to us with the cold air 19*C. I was very interesting when the wind blown on our side. So cool!!! The first play we came that is 白い恋人公園. I had chance tried white chocolate ice-cream. Yah, Jumbo ice-cream with 10 layers. すごい美味しい〜That was the first time I ate the ice-cream so big like that. Shiroi koibito park has Europe architecture, I was surprised when can see “Europe” in Japan. ^0^~ We enjoyed and took tons a lot of pictures in here. Rie san explained to me about the name’s meaning in here. Yah~ really interesting!

We had lunch with Hokkaido ramen, I challenged myself with the best spicy in here. Very spicy and very delicious as well, yummy~

We went to inside  Sapporo and walk around this city to see TV tower, Office government building and many interesting on the street. Sapporo is the big place. Sometimes, on the way we went to through, only had two us. I really love that feeling, freedom!!  Like we were flying. We was so lucky when it wasn’t rainy. Sky was blue and shiny with the cool air. I and Rie san lie on the lawn, soaking up the fresh air in here. とても、とても楽しかったです。気持ちいい〜

We had happy time together ^O^. とても楽しかったです〜

Rie san lead to me to go Hokkaido university. That was a beautiful university. We spent a mount of time walked in here. I tried to find the four leaves but didn’t see. Rie san help me found them and how lucky she was. Two four-leaves. \Yay/. After that we had lunch with some special sea food in Sapporo. We talked, ate and drunk osake. With our limited Japanese and English, Rie san still understood what I said. With me, that was a deep talk. I don’t know how to describe that feeling, but it was very warm, honestly.


I wished I can eat all of them ^0^

The second day, we went to Otaru. I heard that Otaru is the romantic place. It’s true. The street with many many beautiful glass shops, music box shops. I want to find the music box with Totoro song. Rie san went with me many shop to find what I like. Rie san did “magic” to me ^0^~. Now, when I writing this post and remember for that. How happy I was~ That was special feeling to me.

In Otaru, we walked 9 hours. From Otaru, we went back Sapporo soon more than plan. So, we continued walk around around Sapporo and sight-seeing this city in night. I had chance to tried special Sapporo beer. You know, the feeling when I drink Sapporo beer in Sapporo very different with I drink in Nagoya. Very interesting!

Sapporo TV tower

And in night…

For the last place, we went to Furano to see Lavender. I have to said that Rie san is a great driver. From Sapporo to Furano, that was the mountain way like zigzag. Sometimes, my heart was beating when we went higher and higher. Many times just had two us, not have anyone in there. The air became cold and had so much fog. I like nature, so this way gave to me so much exciting feeling. Same like we were the actors in the exploration movie. Only two us, in the car, with strong hearts. \^0^/

This was the first time I had trip with Rie san far from Nagoya and many days like that. Honestly, these was peaceful memories in my heart with Rie san, The moments I really treasure between us. Now, each time I looked the pictures we took, always happy and smile, really peaceful in my heart.
The places we went…
The moments we had…
The stories we talked…
The times we laughed…

Twinkle twinkle happy… 

Thank you Rie san for having great great trip with me. Had so much happy time together, took care of me during trip. I don’t know have to say thank you to Rie san how many times. りえさん、本当にありがとうございました〜いろいろ。

My time in Japan grow shorter, it makes me appreciate what I have even more. They are memories with everyone in here.

Higashiyama zoo.

The sky was very bright and very hot on last Sunday. My skin after Saturday and Sunday was blacker. (>-^)

Higashiyama zoo was the first zoo I went in Japan. I went to there with Yukie san’s family. How happy I was! I met Yukie san’s husband – Tom san and her daughters – Rena chan, Meru chan. How happy I was!

Tom san can speak English very good. I was surprised! He’s humorous and kind as well. I could see that he is a good father when he tried his best to went with Meru chan many many shops to find Otter doll which is the best doll Meru chan like. That made me miss my dad when I was child…

Higashiyama zoo is the giant palce. We went very soon in the morning until the zoo closed . I had chances to see so many animal I didn’t see before. All of them really interesting, I just wish that if my Japanese better, I will know more about them. Ah~ The best anime I like in here, that is seal. Just look their fat body, flow slowly under water, ya ya~ かわいい〜〜 I wanted swimming with him ^0^.

Thank you  Yukie san’s family for bringing me to go the zoo. I had happy weekend. Specially, Rena chan and Meru chan are very very cute.

Thank you Tom san for gaving me animal wallet very cute, かわいい〜〜 I really like that. I will use it to but coin, hehe.



My Japan journey is still continue…

What did you do in weekend? And me, I went to Nagashima Spaland with Watanabe san, Manami san, Esaka san and Kawai san. Whoohoo!!

This was the first time I played many thrilling Games and very big like that. Of course my heart was strong beating, very very beating when we went on the top, the feeling like that:
Slow… slow.. very slowly… bit by bit…. and then… AHHHHHH!!!! I went down fastly, so fast! とてもすごい!
Two things I did everytime in Nagashima Spaland are shout out loud and laughed \Haha/



3!!!! Let’s fly!!!

The funny game to me that was “Ghost house”. Kawai san was pioneer on this game. I stood between two choices Go in – Go out. Esaka san and me looked at each other with cry face, hesitated should go or not. Manami san was scary too, we went in a little bit and ran out side. But I thought that I just had this chance play in here, so I wanted to go in. After ran outside, Manami san appeared again, protected us from behind. I hold on Esaka san’s hand and Kawai’s san T-shirt. My eyes closed and got face down on the ground. The Japanese ghost, the scream around us うう〜う〜ううう。。。They were creepy >_<. That was a long road in this house. 怖い!! But now when I’m writing about this, that was interesting feeling with everyone.


Next by next, I tried every thrilling games in here. The funny feeling to me that I didn’t know where my body and where I was.
Open my eyes 1st: the blue sky ( Is it I’m flying to heaven? )
Open my eyes 2nd: the green trees
Open my eyes 3rd: the brown land
….. ^O^! .. Oh my head, around around around.(@-@) とても楽しかったです。

After that, we had dinner with sushi so delicious and so full!! Ah~

Thank you Watanabe san, Manami san, Esaka san, Kawai san for having great Saturday. I had tons a lot of laugh and shout out loud. They have young heart, we had happy time together \whoohoo/

Happy birthday soon!

Last Friday I was super big surprised from everyone in GRIT! Happy birthday soon! Veryyyyy soonnnn!!!

Every last month, GRIT! will have birthday party. I can’t believe my name had on list name this month. Because my birthday is December, that’s a long time to come. When Honda san called my name, my mind was “What? Me?”. Really really surprised!!!

Can’t believe have my name. とてもびっくり!

I went forward to received gift. That was Yukata! So cute! Having enough for set Yukata: clothes, big bow, and shoe. I really love them ^0^. みんあ said that I should wear Yukata and show everyone to see. Ah~ I was shy! With Morimoto san and Watanabe san’s support. I could wear Yukata. Oh, many steps to wear this. So lucky when this Yukata has guide paper. I can wear by my self in Vietnam. You know, when I went out side, aiya~ really shy~ でも、とても幸せ〜

That was exactly what I wish to have in summer Japan. I wished that I will had chance wear Yukata and join in festival in Japan. So, today my wish was came true. Yay!! My heart melted because of everyone’s warm. I don’t know how to describe my happiness that time. とても幸せ〜. I enjoyed with everyone, took many many funny pictures. The funny moment was when I saw behind me everyone “jumping jumping” to took pictures. Ah, my heart full of happiness. ^O^

Jump! Jump! The funny moment I really love ^-^

Yay!!! Cheese!!

Tanaka san always make me laugh out loud ^0^~

I had so many funny pictures with everyone in GRIT! Blew candles with Asai san, Kenta san, Miura san, sang birthday song with everyone, ate cake, laughed… I laughed so much!!! I had great birthday party soon in GRIT! The great great great memory I had. I will remember today forever.

Thank you everyone for gaving me big surprised, so warm, so happiness…

Thank you Morimoto san and Watanabe san for helping me wear Yukata. So many steps to wear ^-^!

Thank you “someone” for helping me clean my dish cake. I hurried went to 3F to continue took pictures catalogue and when I came back, my dish was cleaned. ありがとうね〜

Thank you Ishikawa san for having dinner with me, I just wish my Japanese will be better…