My happy things

#1 Click! Click!
From the first day I have had Sony chan. I studied many things about photograph and also received some interesting missions. This week I had main mission from Naoki san – take pictures staffs for catalogue. I was so happy when got this chance. Because I had chance talk more with everyone. Specially, Tanaka san – she gave me ton a lot of laugh, haha.

#2 Happy weekends
Today is nearly the end of June, so I just have 2 months in GRIT! So fast, right? That’s why I want to have more memories with GRIT! Not only talking but also activities (hang out together, played together…) Recently, how happy I was when I had happy weekend with some people in GRIT! We went, we ate, we enjoy together… 楽しかった!みなさん、ありがとうね〜いろいろ〜

#3 English, fighting!
Ah, about English, so happy when I hear Naoki san sometime spoke English naturally, his pronunciation was improved as well ^0^~ And Ito Satsuki san said to me that she wanted to talk with me so she studied English. She can talked long sentences by English. We had conversations by English,  oh woa~ 楽しかった!

#4 Funny moment
Like as every afternoon, I cleaned pots in second floor. I and Nakamichi san didn’t say anything, just look at each other and laughed suddenly. We didn’t know why but really interesting and funny ^0^. She said that “思い出し笑う”. I didn’t understand. So before Nakamichi san went back home, she said to me by English. Nakamichi san still remembered, searched Google and tried to explain to me by English. You know, I was really really happy.

#5 The first phone call
Just one day ago, the first time I received a phone call from Naoki san. I was surprised and my heart was beating too. Oh dear! My japanese!!!! I wish my Japanese would better and can talk with Naoki san fluently. I was so happy when have some one call me, but… my Japanese!!

I want to talk with everyone without Google 先生. I decided that I will continue go to Japanese school to study when I go back Vietnam. Hey, Phu! 日本語、頑張って!!!Do you remember I said that I like languages? So, もっと頑張って!

Thank you Naoki san for giving me mission, I had more chance to practice camera and communicate to everyone. Yay!! Let give me more mission, Naoki san ^O^

Thank you Ishikawa san for helping me answer Naoki san’s phone call, phew~~ ^O^

Thank you Ito Satsuki san for trying talk to me by English.

Thank you Nakamichi san for remembering to explain Japanese for me by English. I thought that she forgot. But, no. How happy I was ^o^!

Shiny. Forest. Refresh. Dark.

From now, I just have over 2 months in Japan. So still have many places I want to go. With Rie san and Naho’s encouragement. I went to Ise Jingu. Actually, this is the first time I have decided go far somewhere so fast like that. If I want to travel somewhere a little bit far, I often prepared about information. Specially, how to get there by train or bus. That’s why Shiho san always help me about that because I just go alone. And Japan’s traffic sometime makes me so confuse ^-^`

This time, no! Yesterday I decided, today I went. You know, the Romans has one sentence which I always remember when I lost. “All roads lead to Rome” . It’s mean you can reach the same goal or conclusion by many different ways.

The sky way, let look at them and fly!!

So, I just went. The best thing I learn when I travel alone that was keep for my mind clear and pay attention to things around me. On the streets, on the walls and so on, they always have direction and they helped me so much in case I lost !!

Ise Jingu – The first place I went far by alone without repaired many things. I don’t know how to say but so much typed of feeling mix each other ^-^! Ayaaaa~ I wished I have a companion. Yah, wish is just wish! ^-^`

Whoaa~ I love nature color, 大好き〜”

Rest time with fresh air!

Finally, I reached at Ise Jingu after over 2 hours by train, walked and bus. Super wideeeee!!!. Because Ise Jingu have two shrines. The nature refreshed my soul. So cool!  Specially, I really like Okageyokochou with long lines shops. I tried so much kind of food. すごい美味しい〜 Of course, matcha always in my menu, yah!!! I read on the Internet that this street has ancient Edo style.

Did I go back Edo period? Woa~

Almost shops closed! So fast!!


Ise jingu and Okageyokochou closed so fast. Just 5:30 pm, nearly not have any shops opened and the people was dotted. Different with just 2 hours ago, my feeling was as I went to another world. I wanted to discover in here so I continued walk around train station into the sunset when the sky turned a golden ocher mix with violet. The color was beautiful. Sign for the end of the day. Ah~ So fast. I still have something feeling inside me… What’s it?…

Lights lighted my way…

Thank you Kekko chan for helping me in train and talked to me so many.

Thank you the owner cake shop for talking to me, endurance in explaining to me so many kind of cake when I asked him ^-^`

Thank you Rie san for LINE to me some famous food’s name in Ise Jingu. I ate, super delicious!

Simple happiness

One more time, I had happy Saturday with Mizuno san and Haru kun in Nagoya Municipal Minato Disaster Prevention Center. I didn’t know about this place until Mizuno san talked about it.

We’re in helicopter, とても面白かった!

Everything for the first time always makes my mind very curious and exciting. This center has many disaster simulations. Such as typhoon, earthquake, fire… The first room we went is Earthquake room. Haru kun was scary so he just stood outside and looked at us. Yah! 7 level Earthquake. My heart was beating! The next station, we came in typhoon room. Are you imaging how they can make “fake” typhoon? In the swimming pool? ^-^? No, we watched 3D movie. The feeling same as brought me to go another world. I started at the sound of broken glass and the door was be shake down. 3D movie always give me tons a lot of surprising. ^-^`.

Haru kun with piano ^-^~

The third room, they taught children what should they do when having fire and the room full of smoke. After heard the theory, we “practiced”. Yes!! We went in the real room with full of smoke. That was a dark room. We couldn’t see clearly. What I could do that was sticked Mizuno san and hold Haru kun’s hand. My heart was strong beating again, oh my god, a big room with zigzag path and so many doors. ^-^!

Thank you Mizuno san for asking me to go Disaster Prevention Center. Today I had great experiences in this center and played with Haru kun very happy.

Thank you Mizuno san for bringing me to go Komeda’s coffee had lunch. So delicious! In this coffee shop has “wish tree”, I wrote one wish, 楽しかった〜

Shiny day

Today is the first day I went with Ito san almost one day. From morning to evening, woa, so long time with her ^-^~. I had a chance went to Yukie san’s house with Oka san, Ito san’s friend. Ito san said that I can heard about insurance and can learn something from that, also practice Japanese as well. We had break time with so cute cake and so yummy~. After that, we had lunch together near Yukie san’s house. Althought I couldn’t talk Japanese many like I want, because insurance very difficult. But we talked a little bit about Marketing. When I heard everyone discuss about that, I really really happy.  Learn, learn, learn everytime and  everywhere ^-^

Cut! Yah, I decided cut my hair. That was a strong decided to me when I cut short hair. Look stronger, I want to like that. ^0^. My hair will be long after few of months, so just try something new!

Also today the first time I have seen Maaya chan’s school where she plays basketball. I met her friend- Akira chan very cute ^-^~. It took a long time to go there, so I and Ito san could relax with wide blue sky on the way we went. So beautiful!

The dinner was so delicious. Cheese!!!! I love cheese!! I just saw that dish in TV, so today it was be come true. Aw~~~ Cheese paradise! We ate so full, woa~

That was not finish, Maaya chan wanted to buy something in book store. So, we continue went together. Ito san show me some Japanese books. But maybe it’s a little bit hard to me understand. Ito san explained them to me, really interesting! ~ Japanese, fighting!!

Thank you Ito san for today brought me to went many places, cut my hair and met Maaya chan, Ito san’s friend.

Thank you Yukie san, Oka san, Tatsuya san for having the morning time was so happy with insurance, cake and lunch time together.

I was interesting when had great Saturday with everyone. ありがとうございました〜いろいろ〜

Miraculous languages

I think everyone also knew 3 languages: mother tongue, body language and “special language”. ね〜 We also knew 3 languages, so if you want to talk with someone, let’s talk! Don’t be shy! Self-confident!  When I have been here almost three months and I learned that. ^-^

#1 Mother tongue

Of course if we know the same mother tongue, that’s would be easier. I always wished that I can speak Japanese well. That’s why I need study more and more. Having many things I really want to talk but can’t explain clearly. Ahhhh~~

English is called world’s language. I know some people feel very hard with this language, the same feeling like when I study Japanese as well. Few days ago, I read Shiho san’s blog, so happy when she enjoyed with English flashcard – Easy English Grammar. Everyday-one card-15 minutes. We learned together. English and Japanese.
So, if you want to learn English through flashcard like this, feel free to tell me, I will make for you. We will learn together, ね〜 ^0^

#2 Body language

I think this language is very funny and bring for us laughter. In GRIT!, have many times I and everyone use this language and  it always make me laugh. Takeuchi san very good at this language, yah~ ^0^. Just use your hand, your body, everything you have. Now, let’s talk!

# 3 Special language

That from heart, from your feeling. I learned deeply this from Kondo ojisan in Aioiyama. In darkness, we can’t see each other, body language of course I can’t see. He just spoke Japanese and my japanese isn’t good. Everything I can do that is listening and feeling. But we talked together over 2 hours. Now, when I remember that day, I’m still very surprised. I had great memories.

To me, languages are very interesting. Specially when I travel another country, so happy when have someone understand what you said. Sometimes, that’s a chance to create a friendship. From strange people, they became friends and then close-friends. So great! right?
So, whatever languages you can speak, just speak. We don’t know what’s ahead, but I believe it will be good. ^-^ 

Learning a new language, it’s mean a new door will be open. Welcome to new world!

Thank you for everyone talk with me everyday to practice Japanese.

Thank you for Shiho san for checking my grammar Japanese every time, ah!!!! 難しいな〜〜

Twinkle twinkle little star~

On sunday, I had great time with Mizuno san, Mine san and their childs: Haru kun, Tomoyo chan and Taisei chan. I like childs, they’re very cute and active. Specially, when I heard they called me “ね、ね、ふーちゃん。。。” かわいい〜  And hold their hand walked together. We went Science Museum. The best thing I like that is Planetarium. Whoohoo! \^0^/.


When I was a child, I really like reading astronomy books about stars, galaxy, space and so on. I like looking at stars, yah, really love it. In my hometown, sometimes I can see meteor shower. Ah~ My dream is has a chance look at stars in the forest and picnic. I hope it will be come true! No, I will make for it come true, fighting!!


Today, that dream woke up again in my side. When we grow up, we were absorbed in work, life and many things else that we didn’t notice or just a little. That’s why sometime I need time alone to think and write or draw. And  today, when I had nearly 30 minutes in planetarium, the feeling like I went back my childhood. Really really amazing!!!.  We went to a wide room with giant screen in ceiling. The short film with affects, music and giant screen. Yah~ like flying!! I flied!
Because of can’t take picture inside Planetarium, so what a pity that I didn’t have any picture about this. Ah~ But the amazing feeling I had, I will remember forever.

After that, I went to Mizuno san’s house. We had happy time together with a cute cat, すごいきれい〜. We talked, played with Haru kun, so happy! He has robot legacy. I was surprised ^0^. とてもいっぱい!Mizuno san also has some Totoro and cat bus, she gave me cat bus like a cute present. Ah~ I love it!

Thank you Mizuno san, Mine san and Haru kun, Tomoyo chan, Taisei chan for going Science Musesum, playing together really happy!

Thank you Mizuno san (again ^-^) for gaving me Cat bus, going to her house which is a warm and kawaii house.


Pay it forward

When you believe in the good things, they will come to you.

Honestly, many many times I don’t know why I always meet kind person. Sometimes, they like fairy tales. The stories could touch my heart. That’s one of the reasons I’m very keen on traveling when I had many chances to meet interesting and kind-hearted people.

On friday, I went to Aioiyama to took pictures firefly. I just know that is the wide park. But I didn’t know that it was very scary because on the way I went – no one. Yah, not have anyone except cars and …. me. Inside park was very dark. Actually, I was scary that I would be kidnap.  I used all of brave and strong I had to keep go on. I wished Haruka chan in here and go with me, ah~

How I can go inside by alone? Ah!!!! >_< めっちゃめっちゃ怖い!

How lucky I was when I met two womens who wanted to see firefly too. We became a brave team and went inside park. I just can said that no one, no light. めっちゃ怖い!!(>_<) Scary but very interesting. That is the first time I have gone to forest bamboo in night. My heart was strong beating and wanted to jump out. The fresh air, a little bit cold, bamboo’s scent,  Awesome!!! I like that feeling. あ!ほたる!行った!Fantastic! But this time in Aioiyama,  to see more hotaru, I waited until 10:30pm. So lucky when I met some photographers in here. Their vision do much to allay my fearThey helped me many things how to take hotaru. Very very difficult to took pictures of them. Not many hotaru like I expect, but the most interesting experience is that I went to forest bamboo at night, immersed my mind in amazing air in there.

Very difficult!! I just can took picture like that

To be continue… ^-^

On saturday, I didn’t have any special plan. So I wanted to do something interesting. Sometimes, the chances won’t come, I have to create chances for myself. On friday, the pictures weren’t good like I expect. So I decided go back Aioiyama again. I though that I can meet some photographers and could learn something from them. But, it wasn’t like friday . Yah, still no one. So I didn’t dare to go inside the park. I just stand in outside and waited until have someone came. So lucky when I met two people and followed them. I met a man who I met yesterday again. His name is Kondo san. And I called こんど おじいさん.

In night, it was very dark so we just can hear the voice and of course very hard to see face. Kondo ojisan recognized my voice and this time he lead me and two people who I met in front of park to go inside park deeply. Woa, so great! If go inside, we can see more hotaru. Kondo ojisan and three people of us, hold hand each other and got into the darkness. I had full of thrills and chills. ^O^. 

This night I couldn’t meet any photographer. After two people said goodbye and they went back home. I was afraid again. Darkness, homeless cat (black cat) and me. Huhu, why have black cat in there? >_<. Phu! be brave, be strong! I said with my mind like that.

Kondo ojisan saw me just alone. He said that I just alone and would be very sad. So he stood with me to wait hotaru come. I couldn’t see his face, but his voice very warm,  very very warm… Actually, I couldn’t understand all of what he said. I just heard the words I knew, and feeling by my heart. I didn’t know why but we talked many many things. Kondo ojisan knew this forest clearly. He told to me about Hime hotaru. Intersting!

Kondo ojisan, like a grandpa, told to me many things. I wanted cry…  He tapped my on the shoulder, encourage me ”フーは一人でここへいきました・すごいハート、頑張ってね”。。。 He told many things, the words he said, so touching. I wish I can recorded his words. The feeling like grandpa told to granddaughter…I wished my Japanese is good. All of things I can do was feel by my heart. 

Before said goodbye, Kondo ojisan gifted me 1000 yen. I know I can’t received it, Kondo ojisan just lives alone too. But, he just said to me that:
Kondo ojisan went with me a short way. He took off his hat, bowed, said goodbye and went into the forest, disappear in the darkness.


No one in the street! Phu, be strong!

I don’t know why, but when I go alone and very scary. Always having someone appear and come to me, help. The feeling like “be protected”. That’s why I always thinking and “Pay it forward”.

When I met strange people, specially in the forest at night. I will think I can believe they or not? “Sometimes, we don’t know they are good or bad person. Just follow your heart and listen it.” . Had one special person talked to me like that. Open your heart and magic will come.

To me, the memories with Kondo ojisan like a fairy tale. I will remember today forever. I had a beautiful dream, a fairy tale in the bamboo forest with hime hotaru. Too beautiful to wake up.

Thank you Kondo ojisan for great memories I had in Aioiyama. I wish I can meet him again.  I wish, I wish… Thank you for everything, so wonderful, こんどおじいさん。。。

Thank you Rie san for waiting me until over 12pm. I went back home nearly 12h30pm. Ah~ interesting experience!!

Thank you everyone who I met in Aioiyama for helping me so much and too kind with me.

P/S: “Pay it forward” is the sentence come from a famous movie has the same name. The touching story and beautiful meaning. If you have free time, let’s enjoy!

Where’s heaven in there

Why my title like that? Honestly, with me food is the shortest way to take me to go heaven ^0^. And you? You too? Yah, I really want to write this post to talked with you about how I love Japanese food and what I discovered, many interesting things. I have stayed in Japan for over 2 months. I ate tons a lot of delicious food which I can’t count. So, in this post I just list some of them. My food journey is starting . Let’s go!

#1 Matcha

Of course, the first candidate – matcha! I tried and ate many kind of matcha from ice-cream to cake or drink. Everything is supper delicious to me. Specially,  when I went to Hakamura , I saw matcha ice-cream with 6 levels. Ahhhh~ I tried the max level. Very dark matcha!! My tongue and Haruka chan’s were green .Haha. Once you ate for the first spoon, Woa~~ matcha was dancing in my mouth \*^O^*/.
Near GRIT! has matcha coffee shop – Okagean. I went there many times, thanks to Ishikawa san, I knew matcha shake. Oh man! I love them so much!!!!

#2 Gyoza

This shop also near GRIT! Yah, near GRIT! has many delicious shop but I didn’t know until Ito san showed me about it. Gyoza is very big in this shop, crunchy and so flavorful when you deep them in delicious sauce. Really really yummy~ Hiyayakko is very smooth. Ito san taught me her way eat hiyayakko with Negi rice. Yah, very delicious. I like that ^-^. Gyoza is so delicious that I want to eat more and more. That’s why just last week, I came back again with Ishikawa san ^-^~

#3 Yaki niku

How I can say about this? Ah,  really exciting when eat yaki niku. ^0^. Thanks to Yoshida san,  I had interesting experience with Yaki niku. Japan’s beef is very soft, super-soft. Yes!!!
Vietnam’s beef is hard. So we often cut into small  or thin piece. If big pieces, we will simmer them. That’s why I was surprised when ate yaki niku in Japan. Whohoo!  Beef was marinaded with rich spice. They whet my appetite. That’s moment, I went to food heaven. Woa~~ *twinkle twinkle*

After that day, I had more one chance with Yaki niku with everyone in GRIT! after marathon. The kind of buffet, I ate so much!!!  After eating Yaki niku, Japanese will eat ramen or udon to finish the meal. Actually, in Vietnam, noodles or rice is the main dish in meal. So we often eat first. But in here very different so I was surprised and exciting. Also I tried Japanese-style-eating when eat yaki niku with Yoshida san and Ishikawa san. So full!!! 美味しかった、楽しかった〜

#4 Tempura

If choose one word to talk about tempura, I will say “delicate”.
I was so lucky when had a chance go to eat Tempura shop on Naho’s birthday. I could see the chef cooked very professional. Tempura taught me that If I want to become a good chef, I should learn from rustic simplicity. Tempura not use many spice, every taste come from themselves. The sweet of sweet potato, sweet of shrimp, baby corn, vegetables. The strong bitter of sea urchin, a little bit salty from shrimp’s skin and so on. The way of chef cooking, I could feel that he really careful and appreciate with ingredients to cook great dishes. He cooked from his heart. “What’s start from heart will come to heart”. 

Thank you everyone for experiences I had with Japanese food. Having more and more things I want to talk with you but maybe see you in the next chapter “Japanese food journey” ^0^