Yokohama trip

What did you do at last weekend?

I had great trip in Yokohama with Haruka chan. Actually, that was the first trip I went by bus alone in Japan. So exciting and also worried too ^-^. Because I went on evening Friday when many many people went by bus too. That’s why it made for me worried if I want to find the right bus.  Maybe Ishikawa san could read my mind ^0^`. And she said that she would take me find the bus. She waited with me until the bus came nearly 10:30pm. Ah~  This time, the bus station very different. Unless have Ishikawa san maybe I would took a longgg time to find it. Pheww! Ishikawa san, 本当にありがとう、いろいろ〜

So happy when having Haruka chan was my companion. Of course I didn’t know many things about culture in Japan. But thanks to Haruka chan, I knew more. The first sightseeing was Enoshima where we got many interesting experiences in cave or temples which were secluded in flower garden so romantic ^O^. Everything was so peaceful, our mind were refreshed by the air, sky and beach. I and Haruka chan would captured tons of interesting images.

Look! His face likes a tiger!! Arrrrgg

Haruka chan~

About accommodation, do you know where I stayed? Manga coffee. Yes!!! Only one word, exciting!!! Because hotel was a little expensive in holiday, so that’s why we chose manga coffee to saved money for eating and many things else. In manga coffee, of course manga was everywhere. Just one problem, I couldn’t understand ^-^. So I just looked, yah, only looking. I could understand a little bit through images. Images, pictures were a interesting language, you needless to learn, just feeling about them. Almost space was spent for manga, so our room very small and cold. The best thing I liked is that drinking was free, from corn soup, miso soup to capuchino, latte, milktea and so on.

Love locker! Just take your one-half go there. Love forever ^-^

The second day, we went to Kamakura, where had unique window (or door). Yokohama is very famous with small fish. I saw many food made from this fish. Also has ice-cream fish \^-^/. めっちゃ面白い!美味しい〜 In Hakamura has a food street very long, I wanted to eat all of them. The best thing I enjoyed in this street is Matcha shop. Its name is Matcha Chacha. They have 6 level bitter. I and Haruka chan chose max level. Woa! すごい美味しい〜. That street lead us to paradise.

Everyone was really joyful.

The best wall I really love it!

How peaceful it was!

Thank you Haruka chan for going with me. Despite we live far or near each other, but she always said “yes!” and went with me many places. Sometime Haruka chan is same as a friend, sometimes same as a sister. How lucky I was when I met her. ありがとうね、いろいろ〜

Thank you Rie san for picking me up at 11pm. How happy when I saw her and went back home ^-^

Melody memories

For one day beautiful shiny day, I will let my thinking fly…

Memories with me, all of them is beautiful and unforgettable. Although they were happy or sad. But they were invaluable gifts which I received in my life. Between you and me. And now, that’s between everyone in GRIT! and me in Japan…

Today, I read Naoki san’s blog and how happy I was! Honestly, had one sentence in his blog made me… ah~ How I can say, very difficult to describe my feeling. But, the most one thing I know surely that everyday in here, I really appreciate this time and enjoy with them. Same as special feeling when I read Yoshida san’s blog about the first trip together in Tokyo, Ishikawa san’s blog about we had Vietnamese dinner in second floor in GRIT!.  Shiho san’s blog about trip we had, the food we ate… or Oka san’s blog about psychology result test. Like between us had connect strings. 皆んな〜 thank you for writing, ありがとうね〜.

Having memories which I can’t remember all of them. The moments we had, the words you said to me… Honestly, I can’t remember all. That’s why I like writing and taking pictures to keep them and I can read again if I miss you. Smile and laugh. ^-^

Thank you Naoki san for writing blog. I was surprised and happy when he said to me about his blog in the morning ^-^

Thank you Ito san for gaving me cookies strawberry. If Ishikawa san represent Green because of her matcha gave me, Ito san will represent Pink because of her cookies gave me always have pink. And Ito san’s table, everything is pink ^O^

Thank you Takahira san for gaving me stick chocolate so yummy~

Thank you Shiho san for choco matcha with black honey inside, すごい〜

あ〜皆んな、毎日〜 ありがとうね〜いろいろ


Ah, today I can take “water drop” pictures. So tonight I learned new technical photograph from Yoshida san. Suddenly, Yoshida san ask me:
“Are you sleepy?”  “No”
“You have energy?”.  “Yes!”  – I said and though that why Yoshida san ask me like that
“We will go Nagoya station to take pictures”

Ahhh!!! What’s amazing!!! Because, we started nearly at 10pm. Yahoo!!  Thanks to Yoshida san, I got some pictures so interesting with Sony chan \YAY/. Yoshida san, thank you sooooo much!!!!

I had great day today. ^0^

Marathon 2nd

Yesterday I had Marathon 2nd – 10km with one group about 20 people in GRIT! near Chubu airport where I can see beach. Soooo beautiful!! Because I love blue of sky and beach, how exciting I was ! I thought that I could run every-kilometers ^O^. This place charged full energy to me. Yahoo!!!!

This is the first time I have ran beside beach. The feeling like I could fly, so freedom! I immersed full my mind in there. AWESOME!!! Today I ran with everyone in GRIT!, we started together, ran together, tired together and laugh together ^0^. Is it the second home? Yah, this thinking came to my mind.

Because I ran 10km one time before in Golden Week, so actually this time  wasn’t too difficult to me. When everyone almost finished their part and I had to continue mine. My breath became heavy, I wanted to have “ice-cream rainy” at that time.  Mitsui san and Manami san suddenly came “Phu, ファイト、頑張って!, then Matsuyuki san appeared from far  “Phu, Phu 頑張って!, high-five with me. Because, I didn’t see them in the morning, so I was so surprised and happy when meet them. Honestly, I took more energy and encouragement from everyone in GRIT!. あ〜皆んな〜

For the last round, oh my! nearly just only me and Nagao san were keeping on running. Had some stretch of roads just only me. I was so thirsty because of forgetting drink when run through water-stop.  My eyes couldn’t see clearly. Ah! Kenta san! He was standing beside road  encouraged me, after that I saw Naoki san and Matsuyuki san were standing and waved at me at finish line. Yay!!! I did it! I really like that feeling, win myself.

Yaki niku!!!! I have to said that everyone have a fancy for it. We had lunch with yaki niku so delicious!!!. I ate so much, no, toooo much!! 楽しかった、美味しいかった〜 Do you know the feeling when we were very hungry and had delicious food? Yah, welcome to heaven ^0^

Thank you everyone for running together, always try your best to finish run way and encouraged each other. I had great time with everyone.

Yay!!! We did it!



Fly in wind

Today I will sleep in GRIT! again ^-^. Each time I sleep at GRIT! always feel very happy and comfortable. And today exactly I have been at GRIT! for 2 months. 3/19 was the first day I went to GRIT! and met everyone. Ahhh~ I don’t want to time flow so fast like that.

I had joyful time with everyone. Specially, we had lunch together and ate banana ice cream which I made “Vietnamese style ice-cream”. I hope everyone like it ^-^

About 4pm, Yoshida san and me walked with dogs. It was strong windy which can push us to walk very fast or impeded slowly. I hope tomorrow windy won’t strong like this. ^-^` Also Yoshida san taught me how to take pictures on the ways we through, really interesting. Yesterday, I read photo books and had many pictures really impressive to me. Today, Yoshida san taught me some. Yah~ I was exciting, soooooo much!

Now, so sleepy, today I will sleep soon for marathon tomorrow.

Thank you Yoshida san for teaching me some technical photograph so exciting, and had dinner super delicious. I went to heaven tonight ^-^

Thank you Ishikawa san for staying with me, every time when I sleep at GRIT!. And gave me her cheese sauce at lunch. WOa~

Thank you Kito san for giving me “lucky coin”, I was so happy when received it. I will keep it forever.

Thank you Kawasaki san for signing on my “TOTORO invitation”. Kawasaki san always help me each time I have something.



Today I received a new mission from Yoshida san. I went Kanayama to took pictures, practiced from what Yoshida san taugh me. This is the first time I went outside GRIT! and brought tripod. So exciting!!!

Kanayama is very crowed with many people and traffics. After find right road (Fushimi 19) which was Yoshida san said that I can took “moving style”. I spent over 5 hours to took in there. Honestly I wished I was higher, the bridge’s handrail so high to me, I had to stand on my tiptoe ^0^. Ah!!! How I can say, really interesting!!! Actually, very hard to caught the right movement. I don’t know why but with me, the more difficult it is, the more interesting I get.

I like this color ^-^

Blue, blue and blue. I like blue!

I wanted to catch the car’s light, so I waited until 6:30pm to took them. The first start, I can’t, so difficult. But after that, I catched, like this! Ya~ I still need improve technical, more and more.

After go back home, Yoshida san gave to me many many camera – photo books. めっちゃすごい、大好き、大好き〜 Yoshida san said that I can’t understand Japanese but I can understand pictures ^0^. It will help to me very much. I love all of them \YAY/ めっちゃすごい!!!


Thank you Yoshida san for gaving me many many photo books. Honestly when I see them I just want to jump \^O^/

Thank you Shiho san printed bus map, everytime before I go somewhere by bus, Shiho san always print map for me in case I lost ^-^~

Thank you Rie san still remember me and called me ^-^~. How happy it was when you was walking alone and have someone call you, ね〜

Thank you everyone on the way I went, helped me find the way, find the bus station.

Sony ah!

Today I started practice with my new friend. Her name’s is Sony chan ^-^. This camera so great, I love it. I spent almost day with it and discovered some interesting conners and places in GRIT!. Now I understood more about photograph technic which I haven’t know about them before. Great!!! And also I had chances to talk with everyone 楽しかったです〜

I call “TOTORO way” ^0^~

From 2nd floor!

Ishikawa san today went to Tokyo. When I was standing in front of GRIT! to practice took pictures with Sony chan. She appeared from darkness. Yah, so happy when saw her! イしカワさん、おかり!And the surprised things, Ishikawa san gave me ningoyaki Doraemon which is very famous in Tokyo. めっちゃだい好き〜

Yummy~ あ〜ドラエモン、ごめんね!^-^

In the morning, I and Ito san talked together about her daughter and really wanted to meet her. How happy it was when evening three of us had delicious dinner with Soba. This is the first time  I have ate soba とても美味しい!I like wasabi. Soba really delicious when eat with sauce mix wasabi. I had new experience with soba Japanese style. Ito san taugh me how to eat soba, really exciting ^0^~. Maiya chan very cute, we had great dinner time.

Enjoy with soba ^-^

Thank you Ishikawa san for ningoyaki Doraemon, so yummy~

Thank you Takeuchi san and Ito san for juice fruit and matcha  soy milk, ah~ 美味しい〜

Thank you Ito san for taking me and Maya ate dinner and after that, Ito san brought me go back home. So delicious and so full!!

Thank you Rie san for always encourage me, many times…



Let’s click!

Today I had a meeting with Manami chan (AIESECer). I have been in Japan for 2 months. So fast, right? Ah~  I finished my presentation by Japanese. My heart was shaked. I want to try with Japanese so I did. Not bad but still not enough to me. I had many mistakes. Next time,  もっと頑張る!When Yoshida san and Manami chan clapped their hand. I received so much encouragement.

Honestly, I like photograph butI have never  learn methodically. How to take a picture, it is simple. But how to have a great picture, that’s another thing.  So, this month I want to learn photograph deeply. It will be help me very much for my major. And Yoshida san became my photograph teacher ^-^. How lucky I was! The surprised thing is that Yoshida san prepared for me one camera which I haven’t know before until today . He said he have prepared for 3 weeks ago. Really? I haven’t see it. That is an awesome camera to me. The feeling same as I’m having best friend now. \YAY/.I don’t know have to say thank you to Yoshida san how many times. All of lucky was come to me to night. ^0^

I had the first lesson with many things interesting this night. Yoshida san’s examples really easy to me remember and understand. Now, I can say with photograph ”すごい大好き〜”

Thank you Yoshida san for teaching me photograph, prepared for me camera and many things else. So much!!!

Thank you Rie san for gaving me Japanese bamboo tape fan めっちゃ好き〜 and helped me bring my computer, fans, so that’s why my bag very light

Thank you Shiho san had dinner with me and walked with me in Nagoya station.

Thank you everyone in GRIT! for helping so much, so kind to me when I have been here 2 months.



2 days 1 night

Today was heavy rainy so that’s why I couldn’t follow my plan. In the morning, I and Ishikawa san went to Okagean coffee shop near GRIT! . From a long time ago, I wanted to try making dango by myself. So today it was came true. Yay!!! It looks simple but a little bit difficult more than I think. This set had three topping, soy sauce, red bean and… (oh uh, I forgot its name ^-^`) so great!!! My lips couldn’t stop smiling and my eyes only sticked to these dango. So funny when we looked them from white to became yellow slowly slowly.  The moment smoke evaporated when we put dango deep in the sauce, woaa!!!  I just wanted to eat them instantly ~ In outside, it was still raining and cold. I and Ishikawa san had the warm time beside dango together. Honestly, her kindness was full my heart.

In Okagean, matcha always is my first choice. Ishikawa san recommended matcha shake and I had matcha shake really really delicious. It same like mix of matcha ice-cream and matcha latte, めっちゃ好きよ〜. The same as usual, Ishikawa san gave me her red bean to mix with my matcha, すごい美味しい〜 I enjoyed matcha with many interesting ways that I have never tried before. How I can describe my feeling, it was same as I went to matcha paradise ^0^

Today was Mother’s Day, Ishikawa san wanted to buy some cakes for her mom, so she brought me to go cake shop too. This shop has so many delicious cakes and really big. Yummy~ Ah, matcha! I falled in love this shop ^-^. On the way we went back GRIT!, although it was raining, she still took me to see one shop in Fushimi.
Aw~ So happy ^-^~ .

Run! run! run!
We ran!
On streets we ran, flooding great memories. The sky was grey that day, but having rainbow inside us, twinkle twinkle…

Thank you Ishikawa san for staying with me 2 days in GRIT!, ate with me, talked and went many places together. Speacially, dango at Okagean coffee shop. Ah! I hope Ishikawa san will like Vietnamese food ^-^.

Thank you Yoshidasan for gaving me and Ishikawa san some “foot dog” cakes so delicious and kawaii!!

Thank you Manami chan went with me to see Noritake no Mori yesterday, ate lunch with me very happy.



Do you have anytime want to talk with someone but you can’t?

I had, honestly, many times. Specially, when I’m staying in Japan. Because of my Japanese isn’t enough to talk what I want. I and everyone in GRIT! always use body languages and Google sensei which help us translate so fast. With my limited Japanese, I still can understand a little bit. But that is very different between “listening” and “speaking”.

Yoshida san and Rie san taught me that when I have a chance, I have to catch it. The lesson I also knew but the importance is I can see it or not? See it – catch it – learn it. And once again, Yoshida san kicked up my mind. Actually, when I learn a new language, I have many fear: wrong pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary, etc. I recognized that my fear won’t help anything and I will continue lost my chances if I still fear in my mind.

Back to three weeks ago, I joined in GRIT! ‘s party with everyone until 3am (^O^). Soooo funny and happy! I had chance talk with many people who I haven’t talk to before. They’re so kind and so humorous.  I used Japanese words I knew and talked, yah~ the first start had a little bit worried but after that I felt very comfortable and happy. That day I laughed too much, haha. Honestly, that day was the first time I went without Yoshida san, Rie san, Ishikawa san and Shiho san who can understand me if I speak English. So, I talked with myself, be brave and enjoy! You know, only one word, AWESOME!!!. Because everyone in GRIT! were so kind to me, toooo kind!!!!

About the test psychonogy, that was a good way to me practice Japanese. When someone gave back me the test, it same as I received one chance. And everyone helped me so much. Actually my Japanese is really weird and speak very slowly but everyone still listen to me carefully  and tried to understand what I said. I was so happy. Test psychonology, honestly very difficult to understand inside someone. But after talking with everyone, I have grown closer to everyone. How joyful it was!

Thank you everyone for helping me so much, everyday talked with me by Japanese.

Matcha day!

After a long holiday Golden Week, I went back GRIT! to work. I missed here so much.

For the first step I entered the door, how beloved it was! GRIT! has specific smell which is mix of wood, some stuffs, Fuku, Leo, Niko, Ume and so on. I don’t know how to describe but it was special. That’s why I felt like I went back home. I have worked at GRIT! about 2 months. I didn’t know from when, here became familiar place as home. Perhaps because everyone was too kind and friendly, I thought like that.

I went to my desk. Ahh!! Why had so much matcha on my desk? I was really surprised, my eyes full of green color. Matcha latte, matcha cream, matcha chocolate and spicy spice bottle also had. Ishikawa san gave me all of them. She knows I love matcha and like spicy. ^0^~. I don’t know how many times I say love them and thank you so much to Ishikawa san. My energy was charged each time I looked them. すごいでしょ!Because they are so great, so I couldn’t have the heart to eat them, just want to keep them forever. And when I went back home, Naho gave me matcha pudding too. Oh~  Today was exactly great matcha day I have ever had. Yay!!

Thank you Yoshida san for taking me go home and sent me Japanese subtitle what he said in the meeting with new staff, I learnt many things from him.

Thank you Rie san for cooking so delicious, I ate so full.

Thank you Ishikawa san for giving me so much matcha, and donut 8 seconds – this donut was so funny to me when I saw Ishikawa san count down 8 seconds, yah~ only 8 seconds in oven, we ate and so delicious ^-^~

Thank you Mitsui san giving me a special cake from Kyujitsu, すごい美味しい〜

Thank you Ito san giving me a rice cake so yummy~

Thank you Naho giving me matcha pudding, I will keep it for tomorrow ^O^