Let’s run!

I still remember the first time I ran with Yoshida san nearly 5km around our house. And today I can’t believe I ran 10km !! I did it! Actually I always admire Yoshida san about his ability – over 20km. So today is the first step to me get that goal. Honestly, before 2 weeks, I said to myself that I would practice Marathon twice a week. But I didn’t, that’s why today I was worried a little bit. Yoshida san just told me that the time wasn’t important and 頑張って!、simple thinking – this was as my practice for myself. Yah, his words helped me so much.

We are runner!

10 km – it was a long street and long time to me. The running street so beautiful and peaceful with many trees, I just let my mind immerse in the nature, my legs ran but my mind relaxed. ^-^! And I though about many things… that was the good time for me thinking too. How great it was when I finished the last round. Yoshida san ran with me for the last one. Frankly speaking so tired, but when he ran with me, the feeling like I had more power. After finish, Ishikawa san gave me “sport water” that you could feel like I went to heaven few minutes for some first sips. Cool!!!

Thank you Yoshida san and Ishikawa san ran with me today and eat lunch together so delicious.

Thank you Ishikawasan to went super market with me to buy ice cream and some cakes.


First day in Golden Week

Today I had a great time for a first day in Golden Week. A small funny gang includes Shiho san, Kawasaki san, Kawai san and me. Also we made plan for some weeks before, so today is a day that I really looked forward to. So lucky when it was good weather with sunshine and light wind which could made I feel so fresh in my mind. Here was a market where you could saw tons a lot of interested things and cute as well. Beside that, food cars abound in market such as Taco, matcha cake, cheese cake, etc, just looked and smelled, I wanted to eat all of them ^0^

On the way we walked, we saw some big bear so kawaii ~ ah, I just wish I can brought them go to my room.

Sakae is a famous city that I heard many times about it. Until today I got a chance to went there. Specially Oasis 21 which was look like UFO, how awesome it was! And you know, when we went up on the top, in there so high and so shiny like you can touch the sky as well. I and Shiho san were so exciting except to Kawai san ( He scared height ^-^ ). Oh, poor him, haha.

Because of walking too much, our legs just want to sit down. So that’s why we said good bye at 6:00pm and found the way went back station. But, the funny thing was that our tired disappeared when we saw Matsuzakawa had Hokkaido market with many Hokkaido’s food which was sold. We like childs saw ice cream with eager face ^0^, and continue went together. We ate so much sample food, almost of them so delicious to me. Yummy!

Thank you Shiho san, Kawasaki san and Kawai san for going with me all day, so happy, I had a great day in Golden Week!




Today was like “Red day” to me. All of them are by chance, so funny!

This is the first time I have went to tobacco shop with Yoshida san and Rie san. I think that is great place to relax to someone like tobacco where you can use tons a lot of tobacco from many countries. Yah, of course I can’t smoke. So I chose tomato juice. The simple reason is that I just want to try something new. And you know? Yes!!! Really N-E-W. Because the taste same like “ketchup juice”, uh huh! (0_^). For the first sip, I and Rie san just looked at each other and couldn’t talk anymore with “confuse face” ^_^`

Red full of my eyes, so warm!

Honestly, I was not really like it. Untill Yoshida san ask staff brough chili sauce Tasbasco. I can’t believe have this juice in the world! And I had a set ketchup juice with chili sauce. Oh man, this is exactly the funniest experience I had with tomato and chili sauce. They made me want to eat hambergur so much!

Before – After. ^0^~

After that my mood went up the top when the staff serviced melon cake. すごい美味しい〜. I’m fruit lover and tonight this melon stolen my heart. ^-^~

Thank you Yoshida san and Rie san for taking me went to tabacco shop and had great time with melon cake.

Thank you Shiho san for checking my Japanese grammar, fighting!

Thank you Kawasaki san and Kawai san for helping know more about AI.

Thannk you Naoki san for guiding me use this account blog and update my picture.

Thank you Ito san for giving me wasabi snack, and many time gave me cookies, candy. Ahh, maybe I will got fat so fast when I stay here. (^-^)  まいいか〜



Hello everyone!

Hi guys,

The journey will continue, coming!

It’s me, Phu! So happy when finally I have a blog where I could keep and share to you the great memories in GRIT! and Japan. Until now, I have been in Japan about one month. Too much experiences I had which make me feel I that time is same like a blink. So, sometime I can’t imagine for the last month will how.

For one month I’m here, I will write another post about how I feel and what I learn. Today too late to write ^^! But, also you can see some post before this post which I wrote about some amazing experiences I had.


Onsen, matcha and laughing!!!

Have anytime you come out your comfortable zone? And me, yah! many times when I’m in Japan. Today, it is Onsen.

For the first impression, oh whaooo!!!!

I don’t know how I can say my feeling now. Yesterday I just went back from Canal resort where I had the first awesome experience with Onsen-Japanese style. Ishikawa san and me got a late time to went Onsen (over 10:30 pm). But the surprise is still have many people in that time.  In Vietnam, we don’t have type of bath like that. Honestly to say that I was very shy. But with Japanese, also just normal so I tried to enjoy myself with Onsen, forget all worries and let my hair down. So relaxing! Ishikawa san and me like the soda bath with lemon and I saw many air-ball stick in my skin so interesting. In Canal resort, also have rose bath with sakura, I tried and really like that smell, light and sweet-scented. Just had one problem that water is too hot to me. Although I wanted to immerse myself in water for longer time, but maybe 5-7 minutes is enough to me. I didn’t want to become a good meal, haha.

Ishikawa san took me tried many types of bath, beside soda bath, rose bath also has cup baths so cute. Everthing in here so excited to me, from big TV outside to lovely animal statues or man-made fall and stairs lead us go inside bath area. We  had the funny time together, talked and laughed so much :D.

Can’t stop eating ~

In this morning, Ishikawa san brought me to cafe shop near the company 5 minutes to walk. O.M.G. The first impression is Matcha picture ice-cream hang on outside the door, look so delicious.  I’m a super big fan of Matcha flavour so I had great break-fast with matcha ice cream and  bread. This is the best matcha ice cream I have ever ate, a little sweety mix with a little bit of matcha. A bite of matcha in my mouth, oishiiii, my mind full of happiness ^0^. Ishikawa san gave me her red beans, we mixed with ice cream and ate as happy as the “matcha day”. Despite the fact that cafe shops abound near company, maybe what instantly springs to my mind is this cafe shop because of its delicious matcha. I promise I will go back again, hehe.

Thank you Ishikawa san for staying with me all day at GRIT! , eat, talk,sleep and repeat – eat, talk. Haha. Next time, I want to go with you, Ishikawa san, we will make mochi, will you go? ^-^~

Thank you Ito san for teaching me Japanese today, you are a good teacher.

Beating heart

I’m a Sagittarius girl, almost Sagittarius girl who I met like activitis and of course not except me. So that’s why I was exciting when Yoshida san asked me about running with him. Actually, for a long time I didn’t run until today I was back on my feet. Frankly speaking I didn’t know how far I can run. In Japan this month is colder than Vietnam and I forgot warm up before running. So my legs were a little bit hard to start. But just after 5 minutes, I could control my breath and followed Yoshida san who always running far away from me. “How he can?” ^0^

We ran from house, sticked close Hatta station line which is a nice street. I was absolutely captivated by this clean, sun-filled and cool fresh air.All of them made me had more and more energy to continue running. Just immerse in that air and feeling your heart beating. It’s like “I’m living, strongly”. Honestly, that is the vital reason why I like activities or exercise.

Yoshida san helped me take the time, he showed me the result when we went back home. You know, I can’t believe I ran nearly 5km. This is the first time I have ran 5km without take a rest. So cool! So happy! Specially, Yoshida san can run over 20km. I was surprised and just wish in my mind that I can do the same thing.

Exercise or running not only boost my mood and keep my weight under control but also reduce the risk of chornic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Having too much things I want to do in my life, and you too, right?
So, keep your health and let’s run!  ^0^

Thank you Yoshida san for running with me, we had fun time.

Thank you Rie san for lending me her shoe which is so comfortable to run a long way.

Thank you Manami chan, and AIESECers for welcome party tonight, my stomach fulled of delicious Japanese food.