Kick up my mind

I can’t believe I have lived in Japan nearly one week, it’s like just a blink. And when the next week starts, maybe have more challenges, have more new things but I know I will learn many from all of them.

Today I drawed mind map which talked ablout what I want to learn in Japan. Although mind map isn’t difficult to me, but, the main thing here is Yoshida san want to me draw 100 branches. O-M-G! Yes, that’s exactly 3 words shout out loud in my mind. But it is quite interesting, right? It took me all day today. When I started draw seem a little difficult because I worried my ideas couldn’t get 100 branches. The principle I always use is just write down anything in my mind and then brainstorm. Although the first ideas just key word and unconnected but they help me think more from basic things.

Finally, I finished my mind map, yahoo!

How can I think deeper?
That’s exactly the biggest lesson I studied when I made mind map. Yoshida san taught me through this task. I had to ask “why – how – what” many times for each of them. Not only hard skill but also soft skill and experiences. Everything will be simpler if we just write down what we think. But we will not learn many things if they’re easy to do and 100 branches was my challenge.  The moment made me palpitate was counting how many branches I had. 1, 2, 3… and surpising that I completed mind map with more than 100 branches, I felt so great! I did it! Yay!!!!

After time working, I and Haruka chan had so delicious dinner with Ramen. Too big and I couldn’t stop eating. ^^~

Tada!! Can I deserve a reward by myself? Ramen~

Thank you Yoshida san for kicking up my mind, I learned many think in while I draw mind map.

Thank you Haruka chan for eating dinner with me, and giving mochi, so delicious!

Thank you Rie san for waiting me at GRIT! Untill I went back after dinner with Haruka chan.

Thank you Ishikawa san for giving me Kanji book and another books to me practice Japanese.