I have been home for a while. And in the last post of my blog as an intern at GRIT!, I want to share with you the 3 things I love the most about my internship.

The first one was my great host as well as my mentor over the past 5 months. Yoshida-san and Rie-san have been so kind to me that I thought I couldn’t find better hosts than them for this internship.

Yoshida-san is a special man. He taught me many things even without any official lesson. Thanks to him, I could visit many places in Japan, improved my photography skills as well as personal ones. He is a strict person, I know, but still gave me the freedom I needed and I really really thank him for that. It could take me a lot of time to say all the things I like about him and what he has done for me. Thanks destiny for letting us meet each other!

I also have to send my gratitude to Rie-san for taking me to the office and home everyday, cooking me good foods and helping me with sooo many other things. She is a lovely woman and although she said she was strong all the time, I hope she could take more rest and relax. Love you, my Nagoya mother!

The second thing I love about this internship was, or course, the cameras. During 5 months I had a chance to try different kind of lenses and cameras which I have never had experience with before. Those were really 5 happy months to me as I could do what I love and got to know deeplier about photography and movie making.

Thank you the cameras for helping me take these photos!

Glad to have an opportunity to try out many lenses! Each one has its own power.

Now can you guess what number 3 is?

It’s the people I have the chance to meet. From Hikaru-chan who is my TN manager, the Aiesec members in Nagoya to Haruka-chan, Shiho san who is my closest friend at GRIT!, my small group of close peole and all other GRIT! members, etc. It’s all about the people. Each of them has his/her own interesting points that made me like but the common thing among them is that they are all kind and always do as much as they can to create good memories for me while in Japan. Just missing any of them and my internship would be very different.

Me and Hikaru-chan!

The Aiesec members

With Haruka-chan in the Mogolian restaurant

Me and Shiho-san. Eat more, please!^.^

My beloved small gang!

Honda-san and Ishikawa san, the two interesting people at GRIT!

And ALL the other special GRIT! members

I received so much love and support during my time as an intern and also because of the natural love for the country that I truly feel Japan has become part of my soul. I don’t know how many more decisions I will have to make in the future but I already knew one thing: choosing Japan and applying for the internship at GRIT! is for sure one of the best decisions in my life and I would be forever grateful for having had this chance.

From the deepest of my heart, I wish all the best things for these people and hope to meet them again in the nearest future. Good luck to all of us!

Tons of love from Vietnam,