“Every party has its end.” And so does my internship.

I still couldn’t believe that have finished my 5 months in Japan already. Things were just like yesterday. Even whenever I sit alone to think, somehow I always feel that I am now in the preparation period for the internship, not completing it. However, we have to face the truth right? No matter how much I miss Japan, I have to keep that love in my heart and move forward. Life does not wait for anybody. I had a wonderful internship in Japan and I’m grateful for that.

2 days before my flight back to Vietnam, I came back to the office again with Yoshida-san to take photos in front of GRIT! office. How could I forget to do it in the past 5 months?

Some staff also joined us for the photo. Thank you all very much!

Me and Shiho-san, my close friend in GRIT! If you are reading this, “I really miss you!”.

After that came many other goobbyes. I went to visit Masako obaachan, who is Rie-san’s mother, for the last time. Anyone can guess what is the animal between me and her?^^ That was obaachan’s souvenir for me and since that moment, I knew I would be less alone!^.^

Me and Masako obaachan, a lovely old woman with excellent cooking skills


Obaachan, please take care!

Just 2 days after that, I said goodbye to Yaotsu obaachan (Yoshida-san’s mother) and her adorable mini poodle, Eri.

Eri don’t you know I’m saying goodbye?

Me, obaachan and Eri. Meeting them was such a nice memory to me.

Guess who am I saying goodbye to? My beloved Ramen!

The Japanese interns at GRIT! also made me surprised by their kindness to me. I wished my Japanese was better so that I could talk to them more.

Everybody in the interns’ party

They also prepared a “goodbye cake” for me T.T

Yoshida-san also received flowers as a thank from all the interns

Last day:

Goodbye my Doraemon room!

Goodbye Leo, Fuku-chan and Nico! Please eat well and live well! I hope Yoshida-san take a shower for you more often!^^

There were Yoshida-san, Rie-san, Hikaru-chan (my TN manager) and Haruka-chan (my close intern friend at GRIT!) coming to see me off. When we reached the airport, I felt like all of us were going to fly to Vietnam as everyone held at least one of my luggage (^.^).

Well, I had trouble with my check-in baggage as there were too many things to carry with but I only had 30 kilograms for that flight. Finally, we made it down to 30 at the airport although I had left more than 10kg in Yoshida-san’s house already. Thanks him for capturing this!

That moment finally came. I had to go inside to prepare to get on the airplane. This is it. The final goodbye. 5 months ago Hikaru and Yoshida-san met me for the first time in the airport and now we were saying goodbye. Everything was just like a dream. I couldn’t express how much I miss these people and appreciate their help while I was in Japan. Thank you, goodbye and see you!

           Lots of love from me for these people.

I left Japan. But my heart didn’t.