There were first times and last times in my internship at GRIT!. And GRIMPIC day was my last common activity with GRIT! members.

Everybody was devided into 3 teams: Yoshida-san’s team (my team), Honda-san’s team and Hinata-san’s team. Who’s the winner? Let’s wait until the end!^^

By the way, some of the photos in this post belong to Yoshida-san. Thank you!^^

            Miura-san was the MC of the event

OH MY GOD! That’s what crossed my mind when I first saw Yoshida-san’s orange coat. which he wore for the opening speech of GRIMPIC. Wow, I can’t comment on this, but it matched his giant bow quite well, didn’t it?^.^

Yoshida-san deserved a gold medal for his choice of clothes!:D

Everybody did a light workout before getting started

The first game was rope jumping. I loved this one when I was a kid. However, it was not easy to play with many people as one person can affect the rest! That’s why not all teams could do more than 10 times!^^

The other game required 2 people to get into the same big pants and ran together and passed the stick to their team-mate. One tip here is that it would be easier to run if we pull the pants higher than our knees because by doing so our thighs can move more comfortably and faster.

Another fun game which also needed teamwork and fast running:)

One of my favorite game was this one. About 5 people of each team would be held together by a string around their ankles anf their task was to move as fast as they could to reach the starting point before the other team. Some teams chose to walk fast, the riskier ones chose to run.

Everything seemed going on the right track…

with confident steps…

…until someone made a mistake and fell down!^^

Sato-san was trying to keep the balance for his team

It was not so easy but really fun!^o^

The one below was a nightmare for those who have headache. After running for a short distance, we had to move around an object about 10 times. After that? If you can still walk or run in a straight line, you’re an alien.

I was struggling with this one

Before me Sotaro-kun fell off after finishing his 10 times:)

Game after game!^^

I was not so good at this one I guess:)

This game’s result was interesting. Everybody looked at Yoshida-san’s team’s basket and thought we won at first without couting the balls. However, to our surprise actually the other team was the winner after counting (only 1 ball more than us). I was not upset by that but found it much more like a lesson instead.

The last game was a relay race. You know how “good” I am at running right?:))

               Prepared for the last run

My turn:) I ran 2 times and luckily they were both quite ok!^^

The important moment has come. And the winner of this year’s GRIMPIC was….

*drum roll*







YOSHIDA-SAN’s TEAM! Woohoo!^o^

Congratulations to all GRIT! members! To me they are all winners because they have always tried hard in everything they did. Although I was happy too but as the day came to the end, I was very sad to say goodbye to many GRIT! members whom I had been knowing for over the last 5 months.

I miss them all. Good luck for the next GRIMPIC!