There were moments when someone suddenly became an angel to me because of something they said or did.

About 2 months ago, when Yoshida-san told me that our last trip together would be in Hokkaido, he immediately had two wings and could fly like a real angel (of course this only happened in my imagination) (^o^)!

We had two days there and our companion on the first day was Takao-san, who is Yoshida-san’s friend in Hokkaido. Takao-san was a very nice and gentle man. He drove me and Yoshida-san all day to some interesting spots and was always smiley and enthusiastic to us.

Yoshida-san and Takao-san (right side)

Our first destination was a ski jumping hill. However, we didn’t see anybody do ski jumping here (maybe because its too high so everyone gets scared just by looking at it:); instead, we went up to the top by using the cable. It was a bit thrilling to look down but the view from the cable was so wonderful that we got very excited and fully enjoyed that ride.

Do you want to ski from the top of this hill?

Stairs coved in snow

Such an exciting experience with the cable!^^

Hairy mountain:)

We discussed for a while where to go next and as the famous Asahikawa zoo was too far (about 2 hours by car), we decided to go to the North Safari Sapporo instead. Luckily it didn’t disappoint us. Actually, that was the most special zoo that I have ever been to. We could touch almost all the animals (of course not the alligators/tigers/lions or some poisonous ones) and got really close to them. I myself found some animals here very funny and exceptionally cute!^.^

                  Is this a normal face of the seals?

                             Shy but very lovely fox

Yoshida-san and an ostrich. They looked so beautiful together!:)

                    Takao-san touched an iguana

             Oh my god look at their tiny hands!!!

I have never been THIS close to those animals before

Warning: “You will die if you fall off the bridge.” (crocodile under). I survived:)

Yoshida-san held a snake againnnnnn!! I can’t smile like him.

There was an area for owls as well

After leaving the safari, we had grilled lamb for dinner. It was one of must-try foods in Hokkaido besides ramen!^^

Good choice for a cold night in Hokkaido

Since we got there, Yoshida-san became my favorite model all the time even he liked it or not!:) However, when he took some photos of me…, well, I would not show them here-.-

We went to the Odori park to see the illuminations

            Thanks for being my model!^^

Takao-san had to go to work so he couldn’t join us on the second day. Yoshida-san and I went to a park in the morning but to me it seemed more like a forest than just a park.

Under the early morning sunlight

I took a photo of a woman and her dog from far away but to my surprise she approached me and said if I wanted she was willing to let me have a photo with her dog. Of course I said yes!^^

We just kept walking around and stopped when we saw something interesting. Such as this snowball, I was going to eat it:)

A bird landed on Yoshida-san’s finger

As it was a sunny day in Sapporo, the snow melted quickly and the roads were very slippery. We had to walk carefully to avoid falling off. However, Yoshida-san did. One time. And as a good friend, I will not show his photos when he fell off:)

Better watch out and walk firmly

Later we took a train to Otaru and had kaisendon for lunch and yes you can look and guess how full we were after eating this 2 bowls. They were very delicious by the way!^^

Wanna go to the museum but it closed so we walked to the sea instead

Waiting for the light up and got frozen but I had to take photos>.<

Otaru by night!

It snowed when we came back and seriously my fingers had no feeling at that time:)

I couldn’t have had the experience if it hadn’t been for Yoshida-san. From the bottom of my heart I really appreciate that and wish we can come back here to meet Takao-san again after 10 years from now as agreed.

But who am I at that time? I’m curious.