Leo, Fuku, Nico, Ume and Eri; those are the names of the dogs that I love the most on this Earth.

Today I miss them so much (not sure if they also miss me or not T.T) and want to write something about these special friends who have made my internship become more interesting and memorable. I’ll tell you one by one.

If you stay in Yoshida-san’s house or work in GRIT! office, you’ll meet Leo, Fuku, Nico and Ume everyday. It was easy for me to love them after just a short period of time living together because they all have a soul and express their own characteristics like humans. Let’s meet Leo first!^o^

Leo is 12 years old. In comparison with humans, he is still a kid but with dog’s age, he’s truly a grandpa!(^.^) I remember every time we got on Yoshida-san’s car, Leo always waited for Yoshida-san to lift him up because he was a bit fat and could not move as fast as before. Grandpa is now tired and just needs more care!^^ When the dogs go for a walk together, Leo usually walked with the slowest pace so it’s better to have someone be his partner seperately.

It seems that Leo likes to play in his own rules sometimes. One of his favorite activities is to grab Yoshida-san’s or my slippers from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. However, he is still very obedient and nice. Every time I fed the dogs, I always wanted to give Leo the biggest piece or if taking him for a walk, I was always willing to wait for him because I know his remaining time is shorter than others. Really hope that I can still meet him the next time I come to Japan. OGENKIDE, Leo!

The cute dog below is Fuku-chan. Fuku-chan is a 6 year-old boy but looks like a girl because of his shy eyes and a lovely face. Yoshida-san used to say he was a good actor as everytime when he was looking at you but if you turned around and looked back he would immediately change his eyes’ direction as if he didn’t care:)) Sometimes I tried to hold his head straight and looked into his eyes but he always avoided direct eye-contact. Everybody who have met him would say: “Fuku-chan, kawaii ne~~!” and I totally agree with that!(^o^)

Another thing I love about Fuku is that he is very patient. Whenever he saw me eating something such as bread, he just sat still to wait until I gave him some and kept drooling (a lot and a lot:)) That’s why I always say to other people: “Fuku-chan is a good kid!”^.^

One more interesting thing about Fuku is that he loves sleeping and relaxing sooooo much! Whenever we got gome or went to the office, the first thing he did was to find a place and curled up in a ball like this. Although we can’t talk and share like normal people, I still feel that Fuku is an introvert and that makes me love him more.

             “Please don’t disturb I just need to rest!”:)

However, this good kid has a problem with his ears. Sometimes he has to go to the hospital for ears check and treatment. Hope your ears’ condition will get better soon, Fuku!

                                Like a flower!^^

When Leo and Fuku are together, who is who?^o^

Now is the time for the baby of the family!^^ Nico is more than 1 year old but has a same body size as Leo and Fuku (or we can say Yoshida-san is a good dog raiser:)) Her characteristics is kind of opposite to Fuku’s. Sometimes she is over-energetic or a little bit naughty but that is also a cute point that I love about her.

Nico’s favorite posture. “Normal is not fun”, she thinks!^^

Whenever Rie-san gets off the car, Nico always took the driver’s seat and looked ahead but I’m afraid that noone is brave enough to be her passengers (sorry Nico)!(^.^)

Nico loves chairs…

…and sunshines as well!

                         I miss this scene a lot!

                   Interesting coincidence!^o^

                         Three sleeping balls!:)

However, it is lucky for Nico that she has a 4-year-old friend with the same characteristics as hers and they became a really close couple. That beloved friend’s name is Ume. Ume is Ishikawa-san’s dog. Although they have a lot of things in common, I still feel that Ume is a little bit more mature than Nico. Just a little bit:) The most different thing that I can tell between them is that Ume is bigger with very smooth white fur and she is also very fashionable with new necklaces changed quite often (well, Ume means the world to Ishikawa-san and that’s why she takes care of her very very carefully)

                      Lovely Ume!^^

Every morning Nico is eager to come to the office to meet Ume. They greet by chasing each other around the office and try to get a toy or something else. Sometimes when Ume has not come yet, Nico looked very sad and I could feel that she was missing Ume so much.

                      “Ume where are you?”^.^

       Ishikawa-san played with Nico and Ume

Those are the 4 friends that I meet everyday. Whenever I felt tired or needed a hug, I just found one and hugged him/her tightly or talked to him/her something which was difficult to talk to others (it’s not important how many percent they could understand but I know they listened and that’s all I needed). It really worked for me because I felt stronger after each time like that.

Another dog that I love but could not see often is Eri, which is Yoshida-san’s mother’s dog.  Eri is small but actually she is 6 years old. She was energetic everytime I met her and I would say that I liked her at the very first sight!^o^

                           Look at her lovely eyes!

                     “Eri Eri don’t you like me?”^^

I was looking forward to meeting Eri everytime we went to Yaotsu which is Yoshida-san’s hometown

My internship would be very different without those special friends. They have totally changed my attitude towards dogs and in the future if I can, I also want to keep a dog as my friend like this.

To Leo, Fuku, Nico, Ume and Eri:

I miss you all very much! Hope you stay healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest!

From Lien with lots of love!*hug*hug*hug*hug*hug*