Every place that I have been to in Japan has impressed me in its very own way, and Kyoto is definitely one of that.

First and foremost, I am so thankful for having Hikaru-chan, my TN manager, to be my partner for this 2-day trip because she was sick the day before but still managed to go with me. Thanks Hikaru!^^

We started early in the morning from Nagoya station and reached Kyoto at about 9:30 a.m. Luckily, the weather was great during both days we stayed. The first sight-seeing spot we went to was Kiyomizu-dera, which is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto by UNESCO World Heritage site.

The shopping street in front of the temple. Feels like 30 years ago…

Although the main building was under conservation at that time, we could still feel its beauty from a far view.

                Absolutely a worth-visiting temple!

I really like the water-drinking activity. We used a very big and long spoon to catch the water coming from 3 different taps and then drank it with the hope that the holy water can bring us good fortune!^.^

The gorgeous color of Autumn covered everywhere and I just couldn’t stop pressing the shutter button of my camera. Never in my life before had I seen the trees change its colors so drammatically in Autumn like in Japan. TOTALLY LOVE IT!

People walking around to enjoy the romantic scenery of Autumn

Now, can you make a guess about what the house below is?^.^






It’s a Starbucks coffee shop!:)

In order not to affect the ancient look of the old street in Kyoto, they had to rebuild this 100-year-old house and made it become the most unique Starbucks shop in the world where people enjoy the Western-style drinks in a traditional Japanese space. However, this place is usually full of guests all the time!^^

The other place that I like in Kyoto is Arashiyama where the famous Sagano bamboo forest is located in.

       Omg can’t explain how much I love this color!>.<

Very crowded but finally got someone take photos for us!^^

               Like a giant hand stretching out!@@

Although we were running out of time, Hikaru still tried to take me to the kimono patterns display area near that for 5 minutes!^^ How lovely they are!!!

We visited the Tenryuji temple before going back to Arashiyama station for the Torokko Romantic train. The temple is really big and I think we just finished 30% of it. What a pity but I do hope to come back here one day to fully discover this temple.

    My heart is at peace whenever I look at this photos

One surprising thing to me during the trip is the disposable Fujifilm camera that Hikaru used. It can take only 30 photos so those who want to have some film-color photos for their trip can buy it at a very reasonable price or just 1 time use. I am still waiting for Hikaru to send me the photos taken by this camera and really looking forward to seeing them.

There it is, the romantic train!^o^ Exactly as it name says, we experienced really romantic scenery on the way and of course, romance in our heart as well. This is 100% a must-do activity when you go to Kyoto especially during Autumn or sakura season.

      The mountain scene from the train

Other unforgettable memory about this trip is that finally I could wear kimono after months of waiting! Personally, I like it!^.^ While walking on the street and inside Fushimi-inari shrine, I always imaged if I were a Japanese girl in the old days, I would love to wear this kimono everyday because it’s so lovely and charming at the same time.

     Me in kimono!^^

Having known about the orange torii gates of Fushimi-inari shrine from the movie “Memoir of a Geisha” for so long time ago, eventually I could come here and really got amazed by the number of the gates. I even read somewhere that there are about 10.000 torii gates in this shrine because every year many Japanese businessmen donated small gates to wish for luck in their business.

As we had to get back to Kyoto station early, we could finish only half the way to the top of the shrine and got back. However, the sunset scene we saw on the way was very impressive and we were totally satisfied with this ending!^.^

Some more photos of Autumn in Kyoto, which is the most colorful and romantic Autumn I have ever experienced in my life. My computer desktop background has always been Kyoto’s photos after this trip. If Kyoto were a human being, I would say “I love you!” to her/him without a doubt!^.^

Please keep your beauty, Kyoto!