Lights can make everything look different. 

A few days ago I had a chance to admire the stunning effect of lights in two wonderful places only in one evening. Actually that was a memorable night for various reasons and one of them is that I could try out a photography technique I’ve never done before called “underexposure”. The first one is Nabana no Sato park which is famous for its annual light illumination in winter.

I went there after work with Haruka-chan, another intern at GRIT. Well, if you have a chance to go there, my advice is that it’s better to start as soon as possible as the illumination only lasts until 9p.m everyday (or 10p.m on weekends and holildays) and the lights becomes brighter and brighter as it gets darker. As we reached the station near the park quite late (about 8p.m), there was no more bus for us so we had to walk (and ran) for more than 2 kilometers from the station to the illumination spot. We tried to call the taxi phone numbers written on a board right at the bus stop but it was useless because the first thing they told us was that “There’s no more available taxi, sorry!” And we also couldn’t see any sign of a taxi on the street so yeah, just try to get to the train station as early as you can before 7:45p.m if you don’t want to be in my situation:)

Although we only had about 30 minutes there, I was totally amazed and overwhelmed by the great effects created by millions of lights in the park. The further we walked, the more gorgeous the scene became. If you are a dreamer like me, you will definitely feel as if you were in a true wonder land.

           A restaurant can turn into a castle with the lights

                 Haruka-chan in the “Cloud garden” area

        Absolutely the best light display I have ever seen!!!

           Feels like I’m traveling to the light’s kingdom (^^)

When we came to the Kumamon mountain area, I literally stomped my feet and screamed in happiness because it was soooooo impressive. Believe me the photos can’t say it all and I believe you would have the same reactions like I did once you go there.

The big big light mountain of Kumamon. How cute, isn’t it?^^

The displayed image changed but everytime it was just perrrrrfect!!!!!

                  Would you like to walk along this road?:D

Just when we thought we had walked through all the light tunnels in the park, we accidentally entered a new one called “Sakura tunnel” and yes you can guess, it’s all pink!^.^

                                       Such a romantic scene!

                      Just wishing the road would never end.

We got out of the park at about 9:30p.m, Yoshida-san then picked us up and drove us to the Yokkaichi factory area. When I first heard about it, I was quite doubtful and wondered how the factory area could be interesting and became a good spot for photo shooting. But then I understood why. Although the weather was very cold at that time, Yoshida-san was really kind to drive us to different spots so that we could find the best view to take photos. The results surely did not disappoint us at all (^.^).

                                         A perfect mirror!

                            To me it looks like a light castle

    Tried out the underexposure technique

                    Any photographers would love this place

We came home very late that night but I was so happy and satisfied to have been to two amazing places in the same evening. Those memories are unforgettable and I must thank Haruka-chan and Yoshida-san to have helped me create that.

Grateful as always!