Hi there!

Well, time flies, I only have a few days left in GRIT and even start missing it now so today I decide to write about the company and its people. Of course this post can’t cover everything I want to say so yeah, you can consider it a preview to help you understand a little bit more about GRIT before having a chance to come here.

As you can see from above, just after stepping through the door, you will find yourself in front of a colorful room where most of the GRIT members work. There is a short meeting here every morning at 8:45 and afterwards everyone does his/her own cleaning task (that’s why the office looks tidy and clean nearly all the time ^^). The work really starts by about 9a.m and the room gradually gets noisier because of the coming phone calls, the voice of the salesmen talking to customers and some people discussing with each other. Oh and it is really an ideal place to me too because there is music played all the time with very low volume so that it would not distract us from work.

The salesmen are on their phones almost all the time…

                                 …and everywhere (^.^)

Working as a salesman is absolutely not an easy job. You will constantly be under pressure and had better protect your voice to make sure it is always clear. I guess no one would trust a salesman with weak voice or sounds as if he had been drinking alcohol before right?

However, being a salesman can surely help you strengthen your communication skill as you have to talk to many different kinds of people, introduce the company’s products to them and then tactfully lead them to make buying decisions. In GRIT, the young salesmen even have to give a short speech during the morning meeting and by doing so they can gain more knowledge and improve their speaking skills.

Well, everybody in the office is just busy doing their own work and so are the dogs:) You might be afraid at first when seeing four big dogs wandering around but to me, the dogs actually help GRIT members feel more relaxed. When you feel stressful or just need some moments away from the work, simply hug the dogs or play with them for a while and then you will definitely feel better.

Now let’s go a bit further to the Production room (also the one I’m most familiar with). There are fewer people here and you can easily feel the friendly and cheerful vibes from all the members. There is space for both paperwork as well as craftwork to make the products for the customers and everyone seems to enjoy doing their work because their humorous co-workers just keep them smiling all the time:)

                              Part of the Production room

                 Each member is a special person!^O^

                    The craftwork includes cutting…

         … and wrapping the cards/postcards, etc (^^)

Doing the craftwork such as cutting sounds easy at the beginning but in deed you need to be very careful and pay a lot of attention to it. I also noticed that here people take really good care of each product, even just a tiny speck of dust or a small mistake is unacceptable and they will print/do it again until they feel the product can satisfy the customers.

Going upstairs, you can find a lovely window decorated with two old cameras and some plants. This is my favorite spot in the office because I usually stand here looking out of the window whenever I feel sleepy and it’s really really helpful:)

The lunchroom is also nicely decorated with paintings on the walls

Sometimes part-time members also do their work there. If you are not so busy and can help them, join them to finish the work and meanwhile you can have many interesting conversations together.

Smile and never forget to make the work enjoyable!^.^

Below is the photo of the 3rd floor. Well, this room is mostly used for storing, packing the products and making them ready for shipping to customers but also, we can turn it into a studio for some photoshoots.

If you are interested in photography and want to dig deeper into it, GRIT is such an ideal place because there are almost everything you need to carry out your ideas for a photoshoot. There are curtains, backdrops, soft boxes, flashguns, tripods, cameras and especially different types of lenses to choose from depending on your purposes. What you need now is just an idea!^o^

Small studio for those who love taking photos!^^

Interns can learn many new things from here

Well, things mentioned above is just a small part about GRIT and its people, I’m sure you will find and experience a lot more interesting things once you come here!^o^

See you!