Being a soldier is never easy. There are many indispensable factors that create a great soldier and one of them must be bravery.

I have been watching a lot of war movies and am also aware that fighting in a battle is very dangerous because you can die anytime if you’re not careful. Therefore, we always have to show our gratitude and respect for the ones who have died to protect our country or the world’s peace. However, everything was still just theory. Until a few days ago when I and two other GRIT interns, Haruka and Naomi, decided to try the survival game.

Yes, it was harder than I thought. Much harder.

When we came to the studio, there were all boys. Yes. ALL boys. They looked at us as if they were wondering: “Why are you girls here?”:)) To be honest, I got shocked too just by  watching some boys practicing shooting with their guns very professionally. “They’re gonna laugh at us.”, I thought. Then the studio staff gave us the necessary clothes, masks, hats, gloves and the most important thing: guns. No soldier can go to battle and forgets his gun at home, right?

                 This is us with the new look:)

                      Ready to shoot our enemy!

All the 24 players were divided into 2 teams equally. As we had a plan to have dinner after that, we only joined 4 rounds, 5 minutes each. Well, I didn’t want to admit it but…yep, we weren’t the winners:) Although our team had some good shooters (of course not us), the other team was too strong and they attacked us really fiercely T.T However, I enjoyed the game very much and was happy because I could survive most rounds until the last moment (^.^). The feeling when you had to hide yourself from the enemy but also wanted to get out of the shelter to shoot them was really thrilling that it made me feel like I was in a real battle. If you also like this kind of activity, ask some friends to join with you and let’s try your best! Be a real soldier.

                             I want to do it again!

All of us were hungry after we left the game studio but this time, we decided to go to a special place to have dinner: a maid coffee shop. Wow:))) All the maids are very cute but you can not touch them or take photos of them. When we wanted to order something, we had to do some special actions such as saying altogether: “One, two… Meow meow!” and they would come:)))) Besides, the maids also gave us some magic words before we ate the foods because they said those words could make the foods become much much more delicious (^.^) That was absolutely not my style but in order to make the maid happy I tried to follow every instructions from them very enthusiastically. And I myself felt happy, too!^^

Changing from soldiers to cute bunnies so quickly:)

I didn’t expect that much but the foods there tasted really good and extremely kawaiiiiiiiiii>.<

                                  Bear hamburg:)

                 Cheese cake with another bear^.^

             A maid drew my face on the pancakes

The maid started to dance on a small stage from 10p.m and we left after the dance. I truly had a memorable evening and couldn’t wait to share it with my friends!^.^

I also want to send special thanks to Haruka and Naomi for their kindness to join and create those cheerful moments with me!



I used to think I would never have a chance to ride motorbikes in Japan. But luckily it was not true!^.^

Yesterday I went to a motocross court in Seto city with two GRIT members, Takeuchi-san and his daughters and Shiho-san. Actually we planned to do it last month but it had rained heavily the day before our scheduled date so the plan had to be cancelled. A muddy court is obviously not an ideal place for first-time riders like me:)

Although it didn’t require driver licenses, I had to sign a consent form to confirm that my health was in a good condition and I was aware of any risks that might be involved. The court consists of 3 areas: the 1st one is flat and also the easiest, the 2nd one is much more difficult with many ups and downs and the 3rd one is quite similar to the 2nd one (for me I think the 2nd area is the hardest). Takeuchi-san was a really good rider before so he could help me with a lot of things in order to make sure that I have the safest but also enjoyable experience with motocross.

         Takeuchi-san is giving instructions to me

At the beginning, I was worried because the motorbike is very heavy and I didn’t know how to control it well so it was very easy for me to fall off. Nevertheless, after a few times practicing in the 1st area (mostly gear changing and braking), I got familiar to it and could speed up a little, just a little:)

Make sure there was nothing wrong with the motorbike

                        Takeuchi-san is a very good teacher^^

Let’s enjoy the ride!

Takeuchi-san gave me reviews and encouragement after each round

I spent all the morning practicing in the 1st area to have the best preparation for the next one. The court’s lunch time was from 12p.m to 1p.m and nobody was allowed to ride during that time so we also stopped and took a break. I appreciated Shiho-san’s kindness a lot. She came along to help look after the children and take photos for us and it turned out that she was a very good photographer(^.^).

Takeuchi-san’s daughters are very cute and talkative^o^

              Took a shot nap before the new ride

We started again at about 2p.m. I practiced in the 1st area for about 3 more times and then moved to the 2nd one. WOW! Ups and downs and ups and downs:) It looked dangerous but I liked that. Everything was fine in the first four or five rounds. Although the terrain is difficult, I really enjoyed the ride as it gave me wonderful feeling after I finished one round successfully. But yeah, just when I thought I can speed up a bit, I fell off when going up a 3-meter-high slope (>.<). The fall was very slow so my body and the motorbike were ok but it was too heavy for me to lift up. Fortunately, another rider passed by and help me out, I was still lucky (^.^).

I have to thank Takeuchi-san a lot for the day!

After getting a bit tired, I went to the 3rd area to watch Takeuchi-san riding his high-power motorbike. Subarashii!!! His speed was maybe 3 or 4 times faster than mine and he could jump over the slopes like a real pro. I wish I could jump at least one time like that (T.T) There were only 15 minutes left before the court closed, I told Takeuchi-san that I also wanted to try riding in the 3rd area and he said yes. Tadaa, history repeated again. As I was confident with the first two rounds, I speeded up during the 3rd one and fell off when taking a narrow turning. God bless me! This time was a serious fall. My body was protected by the special outfit so I only felt little pain and scared; however, the motorbike’s gear shifting clutch was broken so I had to call Takeuchi-san to bring it back to the starting point. Not a really happy ending but yeah, we finished like that:)

                        The broken clutch

Two little angels were finally sleepy after a long day

Overall, I truly had a great time with these people. Takeuchi-san’s daughters are so cute and lively that they made me feel happy and excited everytime I looked at or talked to them. Shiho-san is always a great helper in many situations. And of course, I couldn’t have this wonderful experience if it hadn’t been for the help of Takeuchi-san.

Thanks all very much for creating memories in Japan with me!